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Lesson: Calories you Need // Incident: Eating Out Healthy

Posted Aug 24 2008 7:58pm
Today I took an RMR breathing test to capture my true calorie requirements. I learned that I need to take in 1800-2000 calories a day. This is an aweful lot considering I am only about 103lbs, 5 ft tall.

Today's Lesson:
The more muscle in your body the more you need to eat to maintain your muscles store and not have them whither away. You have to eat quality food, though, not junk.

Many people think you have to eat less calories to lose weight. That is true, in one sense. But I find the main way to lose is to eat enough but eat the right foods. The average person just doesn't eat well. Cleaning up the diet is half of the battle.

Today's Incident:
Today my battle was with a woman who has lost a significant amount of weight and had made a great deal of progress with her issues in dealing with nuturing herself. Changing that nuture-need from food to something else - like doing her nails....anything but food.

After all of the progress she made - this week she chose to eat fried foods almost everyday. ...chicken nuggets, fries, fried shrimp, diet coke, fried chicken .... hello??? How did these get in there? What were you thinking?? Her rationale was that she was out a lot this week and really didn't know what else to eat.... so she fell back into her regular behaviors. She really was clueless on how to pick healthy foods when she was looking at a menu. Her association with eating out was eating junk. She honestly do not know of her other options!!!

I must be crazy... because my belief is - if you don't eat fried foods and other junk then you don't eat them - not matter where you are or your life circumstances. You find other alternatives, period . Does a vegetarian suddenly stop being a vegetarian because their life suddenly gets too busy or hectic? Not a true vegetarian...

We had to take a step back - talk about how to select from a restaurant menu and then talk about her mental thinking. Does she fully accept that she is a healthy eater? I guess not. I always preach about working on your thinking. What you think of yourself plays a big role. "I eat healthy because I want to look and feel good." She doesn't feel that way yet... Getting in the subconscious mind takes hard work. Reprogramming takes daily effort. I tell them to do it 2x/day - few people now we are offering CDs to listen to in the car to start to change their thought processes.

For help with these issues daily I recommend:

Work on your Thinking while you are Driving - CDs to Listen to in your Car


Book - Learn how to Eat Out
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