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Lesson #58: What to Do With Yourself When They Start Hanging Wreaths on the Palm Trees

Posted Nov 30 2010 9:15am

Last night, I went to the dollar store and to Wal-mart to start scoping out Christmas decorations.

(Yeah, that’s right. I’m festive. Poor and festive. Like Tiny Tim, without the limp. And, well, no one would ever call me “tiny.” I may look like a ragamuffin from time to time, but much to my disappointment, I always look well-nourished.)

Since Thanksgiving just passed, I’ve only just begun wading into the holiday decorating pool. I mean, I dipped a toe in last night, but it was a sandal-clad toe — it was 84 degrees as I went on this mission. That is probably why I didn’t end up buying anything.

Eric’s work holiday party is on Friday night and I’m still in denial about it. Like, are you sure it’s a holiday party? But…I don’t have to wear tights with my dress?

It just doesn’t add up.

In an effort to get myself psyched up, as well as give holiday information to lucky bitches my dear friends who are chomping at the bit to put on their Uggs and head to the Christmas tree farm, here are my basic steps for getting into the holiday spirit.

Step 1. Put on a little mood music. I’ve been easing into the Christmas season with this playlist. Many of the songs don’t even feel like Christmas songs. They are just chill songs for a winter’s day.

I also have a bunch of playlists from last year that will help you feel festive!

Step 2. Get in the kitchen. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for cooking! I made things easy for you and created a holiday recipes page. I will be whipping up some new recipes this year, but just going over that list made me so excited to bust out my old favorites from last year. Click the picture below for the full list of recipes!

Step 3. Get gifty. You may already be done, another Black Friday and Cyber Monday under your belt. But if, like me, you’re just beginning to think about what to give everyone this year, actually starting to browse online or even just making lists can give you a little boost of holiday cheer. I’m going to do a new gift round-up this year, but here are my gift guides from 2009!

Step 4. Be your own Secret Santa. I’m not a huge fan of giving Christmas-themed gifts because by the time your recipient opens it, it’s kinda too late to use it. But you know who I love giving Christmas-theme gifts to? Umm…myself. Seriously, all those sets with potholders and mixing bowls and such? Perfect for getting me in the Christmas mood!

Step 5. Don’t avoid being festive because you don’t want to get fat. When it comes to “holiday weight gain,” just…don’t be ridiculous. I’m not posting pictures of homemade bagels and then telling you to go on a holiday diet. I’m just here to remind you of the number one rule. My advice is to wear jeans frequently this month , remember that a holiday is one day , you can’t give up healthy eating and skip exercise , and you must not be That Girl Who Skips a Party Because She Doesn’t Want to Get Fat .

Step 6. Plan a party! I didn’t think I was going to have a Christmas party this year, but you know what? Maybe a Christmas party is exactly what I need! My cookie party last year was one of my favorite days. Even if it’s just a potluck brunch before work, even if it’s warm outside, even if you’re just having a Fake Holiday party…gathering friends to do something festive is always a good idea.

Step 7. Decorate. See, decorating means that as long as you’re inside with the air conditioner on, you can believe it’s actually December. I have only just begun my holiday decorating, but this year, I’ve decided I’m all about decorating my bedroom, simply because it seems like something only rich people do.

I’ve decided decorating your bedroom should so not be just for the rich! And…now we’re back to the dollar store and Wal-Mart! But instead of buying place mats, I’m thinking of getting some bright red sheets to go with my white comforter…maybe I can even get super crafty and make a plaid pillow sham or something. (Mom, that was a desperate plea for help.) And I plan to hang stockings from my bedposts.

Step 8. Go buy a slutty Christmas lingerie set. Like I said, I want to hang my stockings from my bedpost — and those stockings just might be sheer black, with seams up the back. I think I shall go on this mission this afternoon for the best/tackiest/best again Santa lingerie I can find. And then I’m going where it while I decorate my tree. If that doesn’t get me in the mood for Eric’s work holiday party this weekend, I’m pretty sure nothing else will.

Some questions for you this morning…

1. What is your favorite Christmas “theme”? When it comes to decorations, what’s your style? Do you love old-fashioned Santas? Candy canes? Trees and snow? Do you keep it classy or do you go kitschy with things like a mini-wiener tree?

I really like picking a theme and and sticking with it, but I haven’t decided what I want to do this year!

2. Does anyone know where we (not just me — I know you all are a bunch of festive girls) can find ideas, inspiration, and instructions for decorating my tree/house? I read some interior design blogs but I want more of a DIY blog or website to help me pick a theme and/or create a stylish tree, fabulous wreath, etc. I’d also love suggestions on books or magazines that would have good ideas.

3. Any suggestions on where we can get inexpensive decorations? The dollar store and Wal-Mart had good ornaments and inexpensive dishes, and I’m planning to hit Michael’s with my coupons. Just wondering if you knew of another store that be worth checking out!

All right, I’m already feeling a bit more festive after writing that! My nails are Essie A-List red and my sweater is olive green. Fa la la la la blah blah blah blah.

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