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Lesson #35: The Spin Cycle

Posted Oct 13 2010 2:18pm

Today’s lesson is short and sweet: do not put all your laundry in the washing machine and then hop on your spin bike.

What happens if you do? Well, if you’re me, you’ll load in your sheets, your underwear, and every single one of your towels. Then you’ll go have a really good, sweaty workout, after which you’ll hop off your bike and say, “Well, I better start the second load and include these sweaty workout clothes!”

And then you’ll strip down, put them in the washing machine, put everything else in the dryer…and realize that you cannot take a shower without towels and in any case, you actually have no clean clothes to put on.

And then you’ll just pace around while your towels take for-fucking-ever to dry because you can’t really sit down in this state.

Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time I ended up embarrassingly naked in a non-sexual way, I’d be a rich woman.

Let’s hope the dryer is done before UPS shows up.

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