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Lemme Work It: Core Fusion Cardio

Posted Oct 19 2010 6:39am

For those of you just joining us, I have two preferred forms of exercise (not counting sex, shopping, and cleaning): spinning and Core Fusion. I’ve been in love with CF ever since I did Dori ‘s original Core Fusion Challenge back in January and saw major results . It’s always a part of my routine, but this month, I made it a goal to start doing it four times a week again. Doing it that often is a bit of a commitment, but it’s so worth it.

Since I don’t live in a city with an Exhale Spa, I’ve always gotten my fix through the Core Fusion DVDs ( you can see my reviews of each DVD here ) and — since this summer! — YogaVibes . YogaVibes really is my favorite way to get things done. (And if you want to try YogaVibes, my readers get a 20 percent discount with the code “shedding20.”) I love feeling like I’m actually attending a class ( DIK ), and anyway, the streaming videos are considerably harder than the DVDs. I was so excited when I heard YogaVibes was adding a few new CF classes. While I loved the Core Fusion classic class, and suffered through Core Fusion Sport, I was dying to try Core Fusion Cardio.

Dori was always raving about it and said she was really excited for me to try it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew from reading her blog there were “hundreds of mountain climbers.”

OK — I’ll be honest. I did not really believe there were hundreds of mountain climbers. I just didn’t. I thought perhaps there were dozens. But hundreds? No f-ing way.

Yeah, well, turns out, there are hundreds.

And oddly enough, I love it anyway!

This class is perfect for me because even though I whine about it sometimes, I really do like doing cardio, and I’m always down to burn some fat to get my muscles to show up a little better. Last month, I was trying to fit in a lot of cardio and Core Fusion and was spending more time working out and — let’s be honest — showering and re-doing my hair than is worth it, no matter how great my ass was going to look. CF Cardio seemed like a perfect solution: 60 minutes, strength and cardio, done and done. Wham, bam, one shower, ma’am!

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve done a Core Fusion class with more cardio bursts in it. I did CF Sport over the summer, but I didn’t love it. I swore at the computer screen and my legs shook nonstop (how I decide if it’s a good workout) so I respected it…but I just didn’t love it.

I love Core Fusion Cardio.

I don’t know what it is about this workout, but it just works for me. It’s pretty tough but it’s just good tough. I hate doing all those mountain climbers, but at the same time, I love that I can do them, so I actually get rather excited about them. (Not all the time. Sometimes I collapse with like two more to go screaming “Ow ow ow!”) I love all the downward-dogging, even though it’s now very clear to me how much I need to work on my flexibility. And I love, love, love the kicking and punching segment. Seriously, the whole class flies by every time I do it, and I’m always amazed — first, that I pulled off such a tough workout, and second, that I didn’t hate it.

And they mean it when they say “cardio.” I wore my heart rate monitor once and, well, honestly, I was moving so much during the whole class, I could barely get my wrist in a position where I could even see my heart rate. But when I did see it, it was high — like, spin class high.

The biggest downside is that the cardio aspect means major sweat, and major sweat (like, to the point I’ve been worried about slipping on my hardwood floor) means major time spent doing my hair after. I’d probably do this more often if I didn’t always have to blow dry after.

The other downside is that after two sessions, my arms are usually too tired for a third later in the week. I mean, those mountain climbers aren’t fucking around, and although that is good, and I give them credit for the fact that my upper body is starting to not look like that of a T-Rex, if I do CF Cardio on Monday and Tuesday, come Thursday, it’s just not happening again.

And of course there is the problem that I had to buy new bras and yoga pants this weekend because all my old ones are just getting too big.

But those, my friends, are white girl problems, and overall, I love this workout and what it’s doing for my strength, endurance, and appearance.

And, confession: I really love this particular class because it was shot in the Hamptons and while I’m doing it, I totally zone out and pretend I’m some UES trophy wife who has the money to do Core Fusion classes six times a week (and the time to blow dry after each) and totally has the arms to prove it. It’s even more effective when I have something in the oven while I’m doing the workout. Delusional? Yes. Sorry? NOPE. I take motivation wherever I can get it.

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