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Lemme Work It: 3/4/10

Posted Mar 04 2010 4:29pm

I have to say, today has been a pretty magical day. I think I have Spring Fever! The sun has been out all week and things are just really going my way.

Thought I’d share some food porn from the new camera!

Organic fried eggs with whole-wheat toast for breakfast…

And a fruit salad with organic grapefruit, strawbs, and bluebs!

This morning I got another delivery from Door to Door Organics, so the huge leaves of Romaine and other great produce plus last night’s tacos meant it was a day for a taco salad! Lettuce, taco meat, black beans, red onions, red peppers, Roma tomato, avocado, and a little cheese plus light lime vinaigrette!

I also had a blood orange that came with my organic delivery. I haven’t had blood oranges in a while; they always make me think of my trip to Rome in 2008. I bought one from a fruit cart on the street and peeled it with my hands on my way to the Sistine Chapel. Ahhh…memories!

This afternoon, I hit the grocery store for some essentials, but I also had a few impulse buys. I couldn’t help it; I love trying new things! Lucky for you guys though…that just means more stuff I’ll be reviewing soon.

The weather today was fabulous too! I mean, relatively…there’s still snow, but the roads are clear and dry and there’s not a lot of wind. I actually haven’t done cardio since Monday night; my leg has been bothering me and I think it’s from spinning too much/too intensely (after today’s Shed Theater , make of that what you will). I took three days off from spinning and just did kettlebells yesterday, so today, I knew I was ready to go again.

And the perfect weather meant I could run outside! I was so, so excited. I haven’t run outside since Christmas Eve, and I haven’t run in three weeks. I’ve been missing it. My body was just dying to get in motion. I was a little nervous because I haven’t run in so long, but I was able to knock out 30 minutes without any problems. Really, though, it didn’t even feel like work; it felt so good to just be running in the sunshine!

I came home and did Core Fusion for my abs (that felt like work, but oh, it felt good), showered, and then made dinner: oats!

Roasted almond butter, walnuts, bananas, dates, and butterscotch…because God knows I can’t go a whole day without oats.

This day was already great, but that I’ve effectively drowned by brain in serotonin from the oats and pulled some Vitamin D from my outdoor run, I’m feeling pretty damn content right now. I’m going to work on some writing assignments for a couple hours.

By the way, check out my latest article for TechCoquette, “ Stalk Dirty to Me. ” It’s about how to let your crushes know when you’ve stalked them on their blogs/Facebook/Twitter/Buzz. This is one of my favore topics! As someone whose entire life seems to be online, I’m pretty sure when a guy pretends he doesn’t know details about my life, he’s lying. Like, you know what I ate for breakfast, buddy! And I know the last three chicks who posted on your Wall. Let’s just accept it and move on…

Anyway, writing time, so I can be on the couch at 9 PM for the very special birthing episode of “The Office!”

Have a great night!

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