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Learning New Skills for the Weight-Loss Process

Posted Apr 21 2013 5:00am

Let’s for a moment think of the weight-loss process as a set of skills, a different set of skills from what you’ve been using to eat too much food or eating too many calorie-rich foods, which made you gain weight. Now you want to lose this unwanted weight, and you have to learn a new set of skills to help you accomplish your new goal.

Whether you realize it or not, to reach this new goal of yours to lose your excess weight, you will have to undertake a major reorganization of your skills. Such reorganization requires long-term, repeated activities. At first, you will find the going slow and hard, as you re-teach yourself what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. You will also be trying to give up old ways while you are trying to establish new ways.

You can expect there to be considerable fluctuation in your ability to pull off this reorganization. Sometimes you’ll get it and sometimes you won’t. Don’t get discouraged, though. That’s the nature of the process. Greater stability will come when you’ve practiced and developed a sufficient skill base. The process won’t be a gradual, steady, upward sloping line from start to finish. Old skills, those weight-gaining ones, will be in the mix until your reorganization is complete. They and the variability in new skill learning will make it so that your reorganization will have an up-and-down feel to it. As you grow more skilled, though, you will reach a satisfying, more sustainable stability.

See if it helps you to think of the process of weight loss as a set of skills to be learned, a reorganization of your thinking, feeling, believing, and behaving, as each of these domains pertains to eating and weight control.


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