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League Softball

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:25pm

I'm playing league softball this year for the first in two years. It's been like 2 years since I've played either league or tournament. They guys I'm playing with this year are average to good ballplayers; it's just that none of us have ever played together, and some of us haven't played in a while. This can cause problems with communication, which I'm about to explain in detail. It's great exercise though.

Last night, we were playing a great team; I mean these guys play like every weekend in tournaments plus two times a week. I play left-center field. One of the guys hit a drive between me and the right-center fielder. Both of us, of course, ran full force toward the gap to catch the ball. It was a log run for us both. I wasn't sure if I would make it, so I didn't call for it right away. When I got closer to the ball, I notice that Dave also had a chance, but I heard him holloring, "you got it! you got it!" That's what I heard. What he was yelling, however, was, "you got it? you got it?"

Since I thought he was giving me charge of the ball, I didn't slow up. Since I didn't call for the ball, he didn't slow up. You guessed it. This morning I have a cut lip, extremely sore jaw, bruised and sprain left shoulder, bruised right ring finger, and an incredibly sore butt(go figure). It definitely helps when you've played together for a while.

Outcome of the game...none of your business. lol

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