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Last Chance Pigout!

Posted Jan 01 2010 12:00am

So if you take a peek at my food log yesterday, you'll see I did not have a good day, food-wise. One of my eating habits that I need to break is the need to eat anything that's not nailed down when I'm alone in the house.

I think this is something I developed as a kid - my parents' were trying to help me eat better, so when I was alone in the house, I would scout out and devour all the "forbidden" foods before they returned.

Yesterday my hubby went to his parents' house with the girls so I could do some bookkeeping for my business. 7 hours of inventory counting and logging - joy! I was good all day with the food, but when he called to say they were on their way home....

The switch went off.

I shoveled in cookies, pasta and lasagna in about 15 minutes, then washed them down with TWO ice cream cones. My long-ingrained habit resurfaced, and I happily obliged. The end result was an almost 2,000 calorie day, and remorse.

So what did I learn from all this?

  1. It takes lasagna a heck of a long time to defrost in the microwave. ;-)
  2. That there's no need to feel this way anymore - I'm a big girl (cough, cough), and if I want a cookie, I can have a cookie - I don't need to go crazy when no one's looking.
  3. I need to get the cookies out of the house - again - because I'm not there yet. I'm not at the place where I can have cookies in the house and not go crazy with them.
  4. I get really lonely when no one's home all day. I love to have an hour to myself, after that I start to miss my kids (and the man).
  5. Accounting sucks!
So how was your weekend?

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