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Laser Liposuction India @ Allure medspa Cosmetic Surgery Centre

Posted May 10 2012 12:31pm

Liposuction is a  cosmetic surgery  operation that removes  fat from many different sites on the human body. Areas affected can range from the  abdomen, thighs  and  buttocks, to the  neck, backs of the arms and elsewhere. It is also known as lipoplasty, liposculpture or lipectomy (suction-assisted fat removal) or simply lipo for easy reference. Liposuction can be done in many different ways, the most popular and simple one being laser liposuction.

Rounded Rectangle: Please use a relevant picture Laser liposuction was developed to enable cosmetic surgeons target specific body parts that were difficult to access with the more traditional methods, but are perfectly suited to laser body sculpting. Liposuction generally uses a cannula (a thin tube) to suck out the fatty deposits beneath the skin. What happens in a laser liposuction is that the cannula actually houses a laser which is used to literally melt the fat of the target area away. Once the fat has been liquefied using the laser, it is drained from the body using tiny incisions or gently suctioned away.

The  procedure is considered gentler than other liposuction techniques because of the smaller cannula used and the smaller size of the incisions. This also means less scarring. Due to the use of heat in the laser liposuction procedure, the body naturally reacts by contracting the tissues near procedure which causes the skin to tighten and become smoother.

Laser liposuction can be considered as a medium of artistic expression that displays itself in the practical application of scientific knowledge, the production of what is beautiful, a perfection of workmanship, a perpetual quest for improvement in technique, and a skill attained through clinical experience. Above all it is about making people feel happy about what they see in the mirror.

The liposuction lasers are cleverly designed to target only fat cells, protecting muscle and nerve tissue. This precision often means less pain, faster healing and very little bruising after the procedure. Liposuction surgeons opt to use laser liposuction on the chin, jowls or face of a patient because of the precision of the procedure and the high rate of success. The excess pockets of fat that can develop in this area can be melted with precision and the tightening of the skin almost works like a face or neck lift.

As mentioned above, being a perpetual quest for improvement in technique there are some treatment centers such as one in Mumbai by the name Allure Medspa that provides a laser + ultrasound assisted liposuction to secure the advantages of both the kinds of liposuction procedures. Allure Medspa is a treatment center initiative by Dr. Milan Doshi who is one of the eminent cosmetic surgeons in the city.

The word "art" implies skill and mastery of a technique. In order to master an artistic liposuction technique, the surgeon must have the skill and intelligence to avoid exposing patients to unnecessary dangers. The true artist provides better results, and uses the safest technique and never forgets the duty to "first, do no harm." It is not artistry to take unnecessary risks or push liposuction to the limits of safety. After all laser liposuction goes beyond being a mere treatment which is something to be kept in mind. It is most definitely an art only that it exists in the world of medicine.

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