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Laser Eye Surgery & Boob Jobs

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:15pm
I'll get to that part in here eventually :-P

On Randi's question yesterday on whether the PB2 is good on toast, I decided to try it out. The most obvious way to have it, like on toast, flew right past my radar because I was so excited trying to come up with other ways to use it :-D So today for Breakfast I had two peices of BodyWise whole wheat toast with 2 tbsp PB2 and I also tried the Liberte No Fat Probiotic Svelte Mocha yogurt mixed with a little light cool whip and fresh raspberries. The ENTIRE breakfast sooooo friggin good! It was so satisfying and tasty! I covered all of the food groups and it pretty much kept me going until lunch time. It was the same story today where I started to get hungry around 11, so I just hung in there until lunch time. So my breakfast with my coffee with blend and sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup was only 5 POINTS:

Lunch was SUCH a treat :-) !!! Not only did I have lobster, but something else I love almost just as much is ciabatta bread. I know, I know, it's only bread, but it's so chewy and dense and yummy and I've always been a sucker for bread. I made a lobster sammie on ciabatta bun with light mayo and some fresh spinach. On the side I had a salad of mixed greens, carrot and red onion with a drizzle of lemon vinaigrette and a mini can of Coke Zero. In total it was 8 POINTS:

I made a scoot over to Planet Organic because I was out of oatmeal and I buy it there in bulk and I also picked up like a million different kinds of Larabars and Jacolate bars (variety of Larabar: chocolate hazelnut, chocolate orange, chocolate mint, chocolate coffee), some Agave nectar (which is a natural sweetener from Mexico that I've been hearing so much about these days), some Guiltless Gourmet wraps ( Mediterranean Spinach and Black Bean Chipotle, Guiltless Gourmet Mucho Nacho tortilla chips, Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze and some yummy festive Celestial SeasoningTeas. I got Candy Cane Lane Holiday Tea, and Gingerbread Spice. I also picked up some Liberte No Fat Probiotic Plain Svelte Yogurt. I love that Liberte yogurt is Canadian. It's organic and isn't full of tons of ingredients and processes and it's yummy and waaaay more satisfying than the other yogurts I used to eat :-)

While I was there, I had a sample of hummus on crackers (I had two) and I counted it as 1 POINT and I somehow managed to sneak a pic while no one was looking :-D:

Oh yeah and I bought a tub of babaganouj made by the same company as the hummus. I LOVE that stuff :-)

I tried the Canda Cane Lane Holiday Tea when I got back to the office for an afternoon Snack before my eye doctor's appointment for 0 POINTS. I'm pretty sure this tea won't go unused this winter!:

There wasn't any glasses there that I liked. I tend to go with the plastic frames without the nose pads because I find that they leave marks on your nose when you have to wear them all of the time. So I'm going to go back in a few days. The girl helping me told me that they are expecting an order of new Coach glasses and she was super excited about them, so I'm going to check them out when they come in. The only thing is that I like glasses that come with the magnetic clip on sun glasses and non of them had it in that style. Boooo. I'll just keep looking I guess. She said if I found a pair anywhere else that I liked, she would order them for me and beat the price by 5%, so that's good :-) I ordered my contacts though. Jeeeeez it's friggin' expensive for me to see! It cost me $350 for a 6 months supply of disposable contacts (that's only 6 pairs) and the eye exam. Don't even get me started on how much my glasses cost. I have a super high astigmatism and it costs $100 per lens to get them thinned out on top of the cost of the frames. Pffffffft.

OH and I asked the eye doctor about laser eye surgery if he thought I would be a candidate. He thinks that I probably could be if my "corneas were thick enough" ewwwww. He then proceeded to tell me about how he just got divorced last summer and feels weird that he's "in the game again" lol Then goes into the laser eye surgery thing again stating that he has never seen a problem in the thousands of people he's followed through the process, but that he sees it like getting breast implants, meaning how it's an unnecessary thing to subject yourself to! lol I nearly fell out of the big chair when he said that! Then I said well, it's not something I'm definitely going to do, but think about it from time to time if I ever had an extra $5000 burning a hole in my pocket and that it wasn't a vanity thing at all, it's just that I couldn't imagine being able to open my eyes in the morning and being able to SEE! Jen (and Tasha), you totally know what I'm talking about. How have your eyes been btw since the surgery?? Anyay, nice doc and all, but that was the last thing I expected to hear from him about the boob job!

I was hungry in the car ride home and I happened to have my Planet Organic loot sitting in the front seat. I cracked open the Guiltless Gourmet chips and had a snack from those stright from the back. I weighed the bag when I got home to see what was "missing" from it and it turned out I only had about 20g which was 1.5 POINTS:

Anywho, we were expecting MIL over for Supper tonight, so I had a roast beef in the slow cooker, but they were forecasting freezing rain around here today, so she cancelled for fear of the slippery roads. Good thing roast beef makes great leftover hot sammies (for hubby). To go with it, I had some steamed broccoli and then I played around with "mashed fauxtatoes" and I steamed cauliflower and carrot and blended them in the food processor with some fat free sour cream, fat free cottage cheese, some grated parmesan cheese, splash of skim milk, salt & pepper, and mixed in some chopped scallions at the end. It was "okay" for 1 POINT. I had planned on having some potatoe in there too, but it turned out that my potatoes had gone bad :-( I had about 5 oz of roast beef which is apparently 8.5 POINTS on its own jeeez! Good thing my sides were practically free. I didn't end up liking the cauliflower mash so much, so I only ate half of it. So supper in total was 9 POINTS:

I seeded the two pomegranates I had in the fridge after supper and settled in with 1 POINT's worth ofnice sweet and tart pomegranate, yum!:

All in all my day was 25.5 POINTS using up 3.5 Flex. Later on I'll probably try some of the Ginerbread Spice tea while I hem up my Banana Republic pants from yesterday and watch ER, Survivor and Greys. It seems like I never watch TV anymore - not enough hours in the day. That's why I love the DVR!
Have a good night bloggies!
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