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Lance Armstrong Gym Workout Routine

Posted Jan 04 2010 3:00pm

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Have you ever wondered what type of gym workout routine the true elite athletes do?

Do you wonder whether they bother with the light weights and the arm curls while staring at themselves in the mirror?

Do you think they might obsess over their quads by doing endless reps on the leg extension machine?

Well, I have found a video on Lance Armstrongs training while he was training for his comeback to professional racing last year.

Unfortunately I can’t embed the video code onto this page as it has been disabled but the video is really worth a look into the real world training workouts of a true champion.

You can see the Lance Armstrong Gym Workout Routine on youtube.

Why am I mentioning this? 2 reasons really.

1) I’m getting excited until the Tour Down Under which is coming up in only a matter of weeks. Yep, in 17 days I’ll be winging my way back to Adelaide for my 2nd dose of the Tour and the return of the Lance Armstrong show.

Me With Lance's Livestrong Bike At Last Years Tour Down Under

Me With Lance's Livestrong Bike At Last Years Tour Down Under

Oh and Cadel Evans will be there this year too which will be pretty sweet.

2) The most important reason I’m showing you this is to show that real athletes train the exact same way that you and I should when we train in the gym.

That means no powderpuff exercises. It means full body movements. It means multi joint exercises. It means favouring free weights.

Note we don’t see Lance using a chets press machine or leg extension machine. You can’t even see that stuff in his gym.

Also be sure to check out the background of the video clip. Lance has kettlebells and other varying apparatus that are perfect for using in your gym workout routine.

Now are you going to train like that or go back to the powderpuff arm curl and leg extension exercises?

And be sure to check on how ripped he is too from training this way…

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