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Kirstie Alley has long come unde...

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:00pm

Kirstie Alley has long come under media scrutiny for her yo yo’ing weight loss. The actress has never denied her struggle with her weight and has admitted that her weight once reached 219 pounds - a fact that left her in tears. In 2004 Kirstie Alley appeared on Oprah sharing intimate details about her weight battle, the next day she made a life changing decision.

After appearing on Oprah, Kirstie Alley decided enough was enough and chucked in her smoking habit and vowed to lose weight - for good! While reports have varied as to whether she has maintained her weight loss she DID reach her goal weight with a total weight loss of 75 pounds - an impressive feat!

Kirstie has been the victim of cruel tabloids for years with the paparazzi hounding her RELENTLESSLY with every outfit being critcised, every meal being reported and wild guesses at her current weight being splashed across magazines around the world. But it was these photos that shook her into action with Kirstie saying: "Thanks to the tabloids I went, ‘Damn, girl, you’re fat!"

Kirstie Alley’s Weight Loss Diet

Kirstie Alley Kirstie joined and subsequently became a spokesperson for the world famous weight loss program Jenny Craig. Picking from their list of 8000 pre-packaged meals Kirstie was able to lose an impressive 75 pounds after which she bravely stripped to a bikini on OPRAH!!!!!

Kirstie Alley’s weight loss diet incorporated loads of fresh veges and fruit PLUS the yummy Jenny Craig meals. Kirstie learnt about portion control and how to enjoy healthy food options rather than dread them.

Happily admitting she could never go through life without cake, Kirstie enjoyed Jenny Craig’s low fat dessert options as a treat! She also joined her friends when dining out but made sure she rung the restaurant ahead of time to ask about their low fat meals so she didn’t have to ask in front of everyone on the night - smart tip!!!

Her celebrity diet involved lots of lean protein, veges, fruit and some low fat dairy products. Here’s an example day in the kitchen of Kirstie Alley:

Breakfast - 1 small bowl of cereal, 1 glass low fat milk

Snack - 1 kiwifruit

Lunch - Chicken pasta salad, 1 tomato

Dinner - Roast Beef, Broccoli, Oven Potatoes

Snack - Small slice of Low Calorie Cheesecake

Kirstie Alley’s Exercise Regime

Kirstie LOOOOOOOOOOOOVESSSS to dance and incorporated this into her celebrity weight loss regime. A regular at the Alley Kat Dance Studios, Kirstie busts a move to burn some serious calories. This is a great way to exercise because its FUN and doesn’t even feel like work!

Kirstie also began circuit training. Alternating machines for about a minute each she then busts a move in between followed by a 20 minute dance session at the end of her workout. She says "I do this anywhere from four to six times a week. My routine is at least an hour. If it’s a day where I have lots and lots of energy and not a lot of things to do, I do it for two hours."

Kirstie Alley Weight Loss Motivation

Kirstie strongly recommends (as do I) starting a weight loss program with friends/family. When Kirstie joined Jenny Craig so did 10 of her friends. They were all able to motivate each other, hold each other accountable and just be there for each other - a HUGE benefit!

Kirstie also allocated special treats for each goal. . . after x amount of weight loss she would allow herself to buy new, SMALLER clothes then after x more pounds she treated herself to a mini-vacation. This is a great way to keep yourself aiming higher and higher and congratulating yourself too!

I truly hope Kirstie manages to keep off the weight and enjoy her newfound freedom. She’s a great inspiration for people who feel like they’re losing themselves in their weight problems - make the decision, start the diet and reap the rewards!

Goodluck Kirstie :)

Ps. If you wanna check out her book Lose Your Ass And Regain Your Life click the link below

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