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King vs. Queen of the Castle

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:18pm
I realized that I had posted pictures of our puppy Lucy, but not of our kitty Chandler. Chandler was the king of the castle before Lucy came along. So, Lucy loves to torment Chandler (and vice versa) and they have some pretty funny episodes tumbling around the rec room playing. Exhibit A:

But lately I have noticed that Chandler has now become accustomed to Lucy and realizes that she isn't going anywhere and is a part of our family too. So, I think Chandler has decided to try to pull rank on Lucy, just so she is aware of who is the older "sibling" around the house. I was wondering why Lucy had fallen asleep on the couch the other evening (she always sleeps in her crate) and then I figured out why: - Exhibit B:

Some cute, I'm tellin' ya.

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