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Keira Knightley and Anorexic Witchhunts

Posted by AregM

Actress Keira Knightly continually denies that she suffers from Anorexia. She even went so far as suing a British tabloid paper in January. This brings to light the issue of stigma based on body size and how a "too-thin" body brings on accusations of anorexia. Recently I was reading through the excellent Health at Every Size program - however the term every size is slightly misleading as it focuses on the overweight or obese. There are many naturally ectomorphic people in society. One could also argue that as average body weight has increased, our perception of "normal" body weight may also have changed. Discrimination against the obese is prevalent. Yet it also seems acceptable to pick on very thin people. How many times do thin women get called skinny bitches? Most popular magazines have regular columns that focus on the size of a celebrity - and whether or not [insert celebrity name here] has an eating disorder. The subject is immensely interesting to thousands. But how does that knowledge affect you? Does it make you feel better about yourself if you can point the finger and diagnose someone's mental illness? ....Continued on
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