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Keeping Weight On When You Want to Take It Off. A Sad Tale.

Posted Oct 27 2012 5:00am

There was no hesitation on Maryann’s part, she just let loose on her mother. There was no reason for her mother to criticize her. After all, she had been holding her feelings in all day and she deserved only the best. Work had gone abysmally as it had been for the past few months. Coming home was no picnic either, not with her mother staying there. Maryann had all she could do to take care of her family, and now her mother had come for a month. A month!

This wasn’t the end of it for Maryann. Her husband came home without picking up milk. He had no sooner stepped through the door when he was hit with Maryann’s icy look. She had seen immediately that he didn’t have the milk. She hadn’t expected him to remember, and he didn’t remember. Maryann followed up the icy look with a bunch of criticisms at the top of her lungs, each criticism aimed right where it would hurt her husband the most: how he was no good, lazy, didn’t care at all about her, didn’t care about their children.

These unsettling demonstrations were often the case with Maryann. She let out what she was feeling and thought it was a good thing. It was important for her not to bottle anything up. The truth was that Maryann couldn’t keep a lid on anything if she wanted to. This was so for her weight as well. Her weight had climbed steadily since she was in her late teens, until now in her early 30s she was well over 200 pounds—a big woman with a big appetite who was not going to be stifled in any way.

In her quieter moments, of which there were few, Maryann wanted to be a much thinner woman, the kind of thin she was when she was younger.

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