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Keep Track of Your Weigh with Google Docs!

Posted Nov 15 2012 4:37pm

After posting yesterdays weigh in I was inpired to dig up my old weigh loss tracking spread sheets and port everything into a google doc . Do you guys use google docs? I’m obsessed!

Anyway, I have my old weight loss tracker page but honestly, it’s a beast to upkeep and navigate. I love having the data (I’m a bit of geek) but keeping it in a nice, friendly, accessible format for the blog is another story.

Now that’s it’s in a google doc I can publish and embed it on the site. Look how cool…

I have over 7 years of data because I’m a dork, so I created a sheet for each year and accounted for the years I didn’t track. If you are just starting, it’s way less complicated!

Go to google docs

Click Create –> Spreadsheet

Enter Date,Weight and Notes in the first 3 columns.

Start tracking!

See, easy.

Now, if you want to include a chart which I find REALLY fun (cause geeks love data) all you need to do is click the…

Chart button.

Then select your data range using, choose “line” as the type and viola! Chart.

When you create your document it’s defaultly set to private but you can allow specific people access to it or make it public. Just go to File –> Share, to grant access.

You can also publish the spreadsheet and embed it in your blogs like I did here. That’s also found under the file menu –> Publish to the Web. There you can grab the link to the document or choose HTML and copy the code for your blog. The best part… when you make edits to the spreadsheet all you have to do is “republish” and your blog is automatically updated!

Man, I wish I thought of this earlier!! Let me know if you have any questions. This is how I’ll be tracking from now on.

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