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Kate Winslet’s Facial Analysis Diet

Posted Jul 17 2012 12:03pm

Whoever said you can’t judge a book on its cover was all wrong. Celebrity nutritionist Elizabeth Gibaud has created a diet that takes information from people’s faces – cheek puffiness, for example – and utilizes it to create a personalized food plan. This system is known as the Facial Analysis Diet, and it helped Kate Winslet shed 50 pounds of post-pregnancy weight.

Facial Analysis Diet Basics     

Kate Winslet Facial Analysis Diet picture

The Facial Analysis Diet is based on German theories about biochemistry. It suggests that facial attributes (texture, shade, form) can be linked to the state of internal organs; for example, horizontal lines on the face can be signs of liver disease. According to Gibaud, the face reflects what is going on with 12 fundamental minerals within the body – imbalances of these minerals can lead to weight gain; correcting them by eating specific foods can lead to weight loss.

Gibaud’s book, The Facial Analysis Diet, features a self-evaluation guide for people interested in following in Winslet’s footsteps. Dieters can match their face types and attributes to the ones featured in the book to begin the plan. The diet implements a distinctive two-day detox for each face type followed by a two-week diet that is the same for all face types.

In general, Facial Analysis dieters are asked to choose whole grain options in lieu of refined carbohydrates. Caffeine and alcohol are also discouraged in the plan. The core of the diet features foods like whole grain bread, unsalted butter, fruits, oats, and salad.

What are the attributes that Gibaud created the diet plan on, anyway? There are several different spots on the face that can be linked to organ and dietary information. The jaws are indicative of the kidneys; open pores may mean that there is too much acid in one’s diet. Stress lines below the eyes may mean that one is lacking mineral salts. Crinkly lines on the forehead could mean that the diet is too oily. Finally, blueish or yellow skin may be another indicator of mineral deficiency.

Kate Winslet’s Detox Diet

Kate Winslet Diet Plan picture

The detox lasts only two days, and is used to speed up metabolism as well as help remove toxic. Kate Winslet’s specific detox diet looked something like this: for breakfast, Kate was instructed to eat two oranges and two mandarins. A mid-morning snack consisted of an orange juice with kiwi, raspberry, or lemon juice added in. Lunch included one slice of watermelon, one cup of grapes, and one apple. For dinner, Kate chomped on three slices of pineapple, three cookies, and a banana. Pretty fruity, no?

The Standard Diet

The following two weeks, Kate could avoid the fruit-only detox. A regular day for her featured grapefruit and a slice of wholemeal bread. For lunch, Kate was allotted an assortment of any non-fat meat, tomatoes, and one slice of bread. Finally, for dinner, Kate ate a type of seafood or fish, mixed salad or vegetables, and a grapefruit.

Should You Try It?

Kate Winslet Picture

According to Facial Analysis Diet creator Elizabeth Gibaud, “Anyone with a complaint from eczema and allergies to chronic fatigue and weight problem can benefit from facial analysis.” She also says that a person can gain or lose about 10 pounds a week depending on what she tells them to eat in relation to their facial analysis information.

Tabloids featured Kate Winslet and her experience with the diet, which was reported to having been very successful. Kate also walked everyday while she was on the plan. The actress gushed, “The weight just dropped off!” But Kate is also a high-powered movie star – certainly not your typical Jane Doe. Maybe you’ll just have to try this interesting diet plan for yourself!

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