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Just wondering if grapefruit is a low carb , and fat burning fruit?

Posted by Lorie

I am starting a low carb diet , meaning , cutting out bread and potatoes for a start, and was wondering if there are certain foods , such as grapefruit, that makes the weight loss process go faster??
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Hello Lorie,

 Good question.  Yes, grapefruit is a low carb food.  However, cutting out carbs is NOT the entire recipe for weight loss.  Yes, weightloss is a process, but everyone's weightloss has a different underlying source.  You cut out the wrong carbs and your weight will want to hang on in the long run.

One diet is not the same for everyone.  Weightloss is not just about losing weight.  You must make sure you are losing fat.  If you are just losing weight and not fat, that means you are losing water weight AND muscle. That is where people get into trouble and end up SLOWING DOWN their metabolism evenutally become weightloss resistant.

If you would like to learn how to lose FAT for your unique biochemistry, feel free to contact me at and you can set up a Free Strategy Session and I can help you get on the right track and give you much more indepth information.

be well,



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