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Just TRI and stop me!!

Posted Jul 31 2010 12:00am
Sometimes seeds get planted long, long before they every grow into anything. One of my many "seeds" starting sprouting a couple months ago - thanks to some sunshine and fertilization, this sprout has been growing..over the weekend it happened.


I am registered for my very first triathlon~ The Mainiac Triathlon !

For many months I was following the triathlon journey of fellow DailyMile and CafeMom SuperMom~Heather aka runnermom. Now, this gal is just amazing. A Mommy and wife, full time student while working and training. Balancing it all and inspiring others in the process. Following her blog ( Run Faster Mommy ) and reading about her training is great (she's pretty dang funny too-check it out!) It sounded so fun~ I love to run! I love to bike! I love to swim! Yeah, that makes sense, let's do them ALL!!

I had be en eyeballing the Tri for a Cure in Portland on Aug 15th for a couple weeks but did not feel I had the time to properly train for this event. I also took stock of my racing schedule for the summer and fall deciding that next year would be better for me to start doing triathlons; I should use this time to learn and train.

But...when I heard about The Mainiac from a gym-friend, I could NOT pass this up. Trigger pulled. Registration paid. Joined USAT (why not~Im gonna need it anyway for next season!!)

Let the fun begin!

The running part I got. The biking part, well I'm pretty green when it comes to outdoor cycling but I started getting more and more miles outside this summer.

Then I started adding bricks (biking then immediately running) to my training and they certainly changed the dynamnic and make it a little more challenging.

About a month ago I started swimming. I love the water- All my life I have been swimming in the ocean, lakes, ponds, pools, bathtubs, puddles. ANY BODY OF WATER I COULD GET WET IN, I WOULD SWIM. I surf, I waterski...Yup. This would be easy.

or so I thought.
Oh you mean there is actually a technical way to swim? and breath??

So this has certainly been an eye opener for me. It definately is a process learning to swim, stroke, breath and keep moving in the right direction. It is such a different animal to me and really requires my concentration right now. I have been swimming in the pool, lap after lap. Learning what is working and what isn't. I have banged into the edge of the pool several times, swallowed alot of chlorine. I have had to stop and catch my breath. But I am determined to get this! I have seen some improvment over the last couple weeks but I really think that some instruction is needed here. So I picked up the book Total Immersion and while I am only about 60 pages in and have yet to complete my first "lesson" it's making sense to me on a logical basis. Putting those thoughts into action will be a different story.

I did head to the beach yesterday, put on my wet suit and hit the water for my first open water swim. And guess what? I loved it.

I am looking forward to learning over the next several weeks. This is just another challenge which I am embracing with open arms. Now just TRI and stop me!!
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