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Just another Manic Monday (Wish it were Sunday)

Posted Mar 22 2010 5:53am

Well, Monday has rolled around again and showed it's face. Its funny, I never used to care about Mondays or weekends, they all were the same to me since our store is open everyday. In the summer the weekends are our busiest, so I actually enjoyed Mondays, unlike the rest of the population. Then my son started first grade. Now Mondays consist of a crabby 6 year old that doesn't want to get out of bed, getting his back pack and lunch ready. Then I usually go to work on Monday's, so the short 45 minutes I see him in the morning is the only time I see him. I feel like the weekends are too short, because I love being with my kids that much.

Speaking of lunches, did anyone Jamie Olivers Food Revolution last night? Amazing show, I am totally hooked.

So I have good news to report, I lost 7 pounds this week. I am so glad that I kept on going and didn't give up. I was feeling confused last week since I only had a 1 pound loss. I didn't get discouraged, and now I am feeling very glad that I didn't. I honestly believe that my body was in shock in Week Two. I have been abusing food for so long, that I think it was in shock. I am so motivated. I actually haven't weighed this amount in a long time. The last time I saw this number on the scale, was after I gave birth to Adriana in 07. I tend to gain weight AFTER pregnancy. I am the complete opposite of every other mother. I am a sick pregnant person. I throw up the whole 9 months. After I give birth I feel like I can eat again, and I eat. A lot.

So the week went well, it went, lets just say. The concert went well, I had a couple of tears in my eyes. I can't believe how big my son has gotten. (That picture is of him and his friend at the concert, Jake being on the left) He is turning into such a little man. We did however get some upsetting news about the future of our store, I can't really discuss it, but its very stressful. Needless to say, I am super stressed, the husband is too. He's been using me as his punching bag, and its hard some days. The store is our only means of income, and without it we are pretty much screwed. It's hard to get a good nights sleep. I have no idea what our future holds at this time. Usually I eat when I am stressed, which is why I have been so overweight the past years. I mean, I was always a "chunky" girl, but never obese. Michigan has been in the toilet for years which totally impacted our business. I went from having no problem paying bills, driving expensive cars, having a few vacations a year, not looking at price tags, to BAM, we spent our savings, and had to change the way we lived drastically. It is very stressful at times. Anyone who owns a business can understand the stress, but for the majority of people that don't, you have no idea. Over the last 5 years, we have changed our spending habits, went on very few vacations, and drive modest cars. But this past winter has been even rougher then normal. Its always so hard to bounce back.

This is where I need to realize that I need to take care of myself. This will be a true test of time to see if I can get myself healthy. I am no good to my family being overweight and unhappy. I am the rock that always holds everyone together. I am the "fixer", as my husband calls me. I am the one who calls people, sets up payment plans, juggles the bills, etc. I think that eating so much has helped me cope with all of these stresses.

I am so uncertain of whats to come of our future, but I do believe that we will be okay. Things will work out and I will work hard to make sure everyone is okay...including myself.

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