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Just another diet or lifestyle change?

Posted by Mary Ann P.

We've all been on diets and lost weight. We know we can lose weight on a diet. And we know we can gain it back.

This time perhaps we should consider a lifestyle change. You know, make a small change every week. One that we can live with forever instead of going on a radical diet that we are only tolerating until the weight comes off.

So what will it be for you this time? Just another diet or a lifestyle change?

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A true lifestyle change is the way to go. I've rid my vocabulary of the word "diet." Like you said, Mary, we can lose weigh on a diet, so it is a way to get us on our way-but if we stop there, and don't make other positive changes in our lives, like a consistent exercise regimen and healthy eating habits, we can quickly gain the weight back. And some diets, I think, could be unhealthy to stay on for too long.

Mary is right-your best bet to look and feel your best is a lifestyle change. It's worked for me. It's not hard work, the way a diet can feel like. It's just living your everyday life.

I'm with you and Kristen on this one. Rid your vocab of "dieting." It just seems pointless to me to go on a diet instead of changing habits in order to begin a healthy lifestyle. You are right on target with your recommendation for small changes every week. It is much less of a shock to change a lifestyle slowly than to try to get rid of all bad choices all at once.

I choose lifestyle! I've been working on it for some time now but I'm getting there more and more all the time.

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