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Just a little extra....

Posted Aug 06 2008 12:00am
Once again I found myself sneaking food yesterday. I think it is stress induced snacking. I have a lot of things going on right now that have me biting my nails and twisting my stomach... so no surprise I am trying to comfort myself with food. Hopefully just the act of realising that I am doing this and writing it down will help me stop.

I wanted to respond to one of my comments yesterday

I think you are too hard on yourself. You set up impossible food goals. Who could drink 16 glasses of water every day for the rest of their life? No wonder you go off plan and eat more on the weekends. Your body is seeking food on a cellular level. (I learned this when I went on one of those stupid doctor supervised medical fasts.) This sentence is the problem: " I need to stay on plan for 2 months and I would lose that last 40 lbs. TWO months.. that's it." Uh-Uh. You have to do it for the rest of your life. Think of changes that you can make that you will be able to live with for the rest of your life, and then do that, and don't look back.

I agree with you Debby! I am too hard on myself sometimes but here are my reasons for doing what I do. I do have to drink that much water a day because of how active I am during the day. With my exercise, my chores on the ranch outside and my martial arts training.. I am constantly in a sweat. In fact, it baffles me that I don't lose 10 lbs a day in sweat! So.. that much water is a necessary to keep my hydrated.. especially before a big test or fight.

I have to be strict with my food in order to lose weight. My body is not a 30 years old body... once I had the hysterectomy my body went through menopause and started acting 50. My metabolism is at an all time low. Some of those blood tests I had to get done were to test my thyroid and my insulin levels to make sure that nothing else has slowed down in the process. For me to lose weight I cannot eat sugar , carbs or high fat. I eat those things now... which is why I have 'maintained' for months now. But in order for me to actually LOSE weight, I have to be really strict with myself.

The changes I need to make for the rest of my life are along these lines
  • I need to control my binge eating/ sneaky eating
  • I need to watch my portions
  • I need to stay hydrated
  • I need to change my view of food from "I can eat anything I want" to " I need to eat for energy and health"

Thanks for the concern Debby! If I can stay strict for 2 months then I am hoping I will lose the weight and then return to a somewhat normal regimen.

Today I have to get on the treadmill and walk a couple of miles. No running! Tomorrow is test night and I don't want to get warn down. I have class for the 3rd night in a row tonight. I rocked the bow last night in class.... I actually had to teach the upper belts their bow form!! These extra classes in the next town over are really helping me.

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