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Just a little change up to see how this works for me.....

Posted Oct 11 2011 9:03am
Hey friends. So basically the last week was a complete write off! And when I say write off I mean WRITE OFF! Sad to say but with the holiday weekend, appointments during the week, missed gym workouts (a few anyways) really costed me a whole week set back. But one week is better then a year, I can get over that. Weighing myself this morning to see where I stand ..scale read +7 Thats the false reading and what you get for overloading on potatoes, pastas, deserts, not working it off blah blah blah.....or shall i make the tune of .....wah wahhhhhhh!! (tune of pulling a plus on the scale)
But I laugh because what else are you going to do but LAUGH. I have been dealing with this up and down all my entire life, so if you continue to take it so seriously well it will only make things WORSE for you. So basically all you can really do is look at the numbers, suck it back...and say well today is a whole new is the start of a whole new week etc...etc...THIS IS LIFE FOLKS! It will not always be a minus on the scale or a "0" sometimes it might even be a GAIN...and thats ok as long as you control it and get back.

As I told a few friends I have joined weight watchers for a few reasons over the weekend.
1) Because I would like to see what they do as fas as their support meetings that I plan on attending once a week. Just to see how these so called "support groups" help people and if they help people
2) Because I would like to continue using Vi's shakes that I just absolutely love, but would like to add a few more foods in there along with them. Truthfully that first month yes I lost 22lbs..but I think I was eating really low cals. Actually I know I was. I mean I felt good...dont get me wrong didnt FEEL like i was lacking anything, but again I want to lose this time FOR GOOD AND FOR LIFE. I want the weightloss to be real..and done properly.
3) Another reason is because I would like a little more accountability..and I want to challenge myself to get all the stars and ALL the stuff they offer to people who continue to lose as little prizes/keepsakes Each time I get a star or anything, I will post the pic of it here on my

I have to say though, when I saw the new system they are using as far as points plus program...I wasnt all that impressed. I mean..I have the old book STILL...and looking through it I wanted to compare the two and why and how its changed. I noticed first off that you are allowed ALOT more points. But I wondered why is that? (my mind always wanting to know why why why) lol

Well, I noticed that YES you get to have more points then before..but the points in the book on many foods has gone UP as point here one point all adds are we REALLY getting more points? Not sure about that one...but they also incorporated the fact that you can eat all the FRUITS you want...dont even need to count them where before you used to have to...either 1 point for a small fruit or 2 for a big one or a banana...and as before the non starchy veggies are all free which has not changed.

I didnt like the fact that you dont have to count the fruits. I think this is a big mistake. No matter what..even if fruits are good for you...everything we eat has CALORIES...thats a given.not to mention fruits have natural people who overload on them...I cannot see how this can benefit anyone and this just gives people the idea that go ahead and overload...I would say 3 fruits is enough for me..and i will still count them on my weightwatchers plan! LOL

I remember I saw a ad on the net one time of a lady looking for the old points book....and I have heard that the new points program is slower..well I can see why.

Anyways I will COUNT my fruits, go to their support groups and get weighed every week just as an extra support line while I am trying to lose all the weight I need to to reach the magic number of 150lbs. And I will be bringing home every single star they have to offer.
I will still be using my Vi shakes because they are the only solid thing that i know of so far that has helped me control my hunger..and this is huge! So combining the two I cannot see a failure in sight. I also did this cause later on as i get closer to my goal, I want to learn to eat sensibly..meaning NOT I figured with adding weightwatchers to the mix that might just help me later.

As I try this out and if it goes really well and works to my advantage..its a great time to join as they have no registration fee I think until the end of the month. If anyone wishes to join weightwatchers as well for that added support with Visalus in the next few weeks would be a great time to save yourself some money..and if anyone does...we can always see when is a good time to go to the meetings together if anyone wants to do a group thing. Just an idea! And if not thats ok..they have a parent and tots meeting that I plan on going to with Zack anyways:)
Lets see how it works for me first...if the next few weeks I see a great loss in weight..and I am feeling great doing both...then why not? I am looking for long term weight loss achievement..not a short term fix so I will see what works best and you don't know if you don't try. Visalus gave me that 22lb loss the first month...which was really nice to give me that head lets see what happens from here.

But I will not STOP my Visalus way.. Nothing tastes better for me or starts me off on the right foot especially for breakfast (the most important meal of the day, the one that basically starts up your engine)! Nothing better then a nice cold easy to make, no thinking required shake just LOADED with all your vitamins and minerals to kick start it RIGHT and to make you feel completely amazing! Say goodbye to feeling heavy and bloated and tired and frustrated on what to have everyday...... and say HELLO to feeling rejuvenated, energized happy and in control ready to take on your day...that's what you get in a Visalus SHAKE!! There is nothing so far that I have had in the mornings to make me feel so balanced and good and happy and just FANTASTIC like Visalus provides!

I want those in my system for the stuff they provide me with..the control factor that helps ..but will just be eating a few more cleaner foods during the day with them (weight watchers) to keep my body burning at optimal speed at all times. That's all I am doing. Changing it a little nothing huge though. I will still only have my 1 week cheat...I will still be eating clean throughout the week...just want to learn how to not overeat that's all..and want that extra accountability that I get with weight watchers as far as weigh ins and support group meetings.

I could be talking out of my ass, but we will see.

So this is my update. Pretty excited to get this show on the road and to see if this works or not.
Here's to a good week !! I need to lose those few lbs I put on from last NOW!
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