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Julian Bakery Smart Carb Bread Contest Winner: Creative Geico TV Commercial Spoof From Shari W. In TN

Posted May 15 2009 11:39pm

This is all the carbs you could be saving by switching to low-carb bread

Last month I announced a special recipe contest encouraging my readers to use that amazing Julian Bakery Smart Carb bread. The deadline for entries was yesterday and I received several very innovative and delicious low-carb recipes utilizing this unique bread. After much deliberation on the taste, creative use of the bread, and aesthetics, I have now chosen a winner: Shari W. from Tennessee!

As you can see from that photo of her dish at the top of this post, Shari took advantage of a pretty popular television ad for Geico insurance using a stack of money with eyeballs on it to create her own take with the Julian Bakery bread. Her ingenious line “This is all the carbs you could be saving by switching to Julian Bakery Smart Carb bread” is a spoof of “This is all the money you could be saving by switching to Geico.” Here’s the original commercial in case you haven’t seen it yet.

So, CONGRATULATIONS to Shari W. from Tennessee for being the winner of the ONE-MONTH SUPPLY of Julian Bakery Smart Carb breads, including one loaf of the original and one loaf of the cinnamon almond raisin for four weeks in a row. WOO HOO! Way to go, Shari, and enjoy coming up with even more creative recipes. For those of you who’d like to recreate Shari’s masterpiece, here’s the recipe:

4 oz. grilled chicken cutlet –
½ tsp Pampered Chef’’s Southwest Seasoning
1 tsp olive oil
1 slice of hickory smoked bacon (no sugar added)
1 red leaf lettuce
2 tomato slices
2 rings of red onions
1 Tbs Duke’’s mayonnaise
2 slices of lightly toasted Julian Bakery bread
1 pickle spear (optional)
2 green olives with toothpicks (for the “eyes”)

Take the grilled chicken cutlet and rub the Pampered Chef’’s Southwest Seasoning on it to coat lightly (marinate for 30 minutes prior to grilling) along with the olive oil to help keep the chicken breast from sticking to the grill as well as to add flavor. Lightly toast the bread and create the sandwich by adding bacon, lettuce, tomatos, onions, and mayonnaise to the sandwich. Garnish with pickle spear and make the “eyes” with the olives and toothpicks. ENJOY!

Calories: 550
Carbs: 4g net carbs
Protein: 49g
Fat: 16g
Sodium: 637g
Fiber: 25g

Special thanks to everyone who entered, including two runner-up entries that were fantastic as well: Dan K.’s Egg on Toast and Cheryl L.’s Nutty Cinnamon Crunch Cereal. These contests are always a lot of fun and I look forward to doing even more of them in the future! Keep on livin’ la vida low-carb!!!

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