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Journey Continues...

Posted Sep 23 2012 11:11pm

I am so glad it's a new week! Last week was rough to say the least!!! I bashed my shin on the box jumps, hit my nose on the bench, toasted my legs, and pushed myself to the max! Loved it all but the dumb injuries! haha My personal training just wrapped up another 8 week session and I'm starting a new one this week which means new exercises! It's always fun to get a list of new stuff to do! We stick to the routine for four weeks and then get our second set the next four weeks. It's AMAZING how much improvement you can make in four weeks!!!

This last session included the incline chest press. I was terrified when my trainer said we were doing it...  I had done the incline chest press a couple times before last year, but there was this one time that while pressing the bar up (no added weights), my left shoulder gave and something popped inside.. it hurt like heck!!! I cried and freaked out! I could not move it. Well after a couple weeks of babying it, I was back at the gym working out, but I never attempted the incline chest press again. Til now.... So four weeks ago, I pressed the bar plus 5 lbs on each side for a total of 55 lbs. This last week, I pressed the bar plus 20 on each side for a total of 85 lbs! I'll take it!

I've been following my 4 day/week weight training and 2 days/week cardio for the last two weeks and I'm pretty pumped about how it's been going. I sometimes can't believe how much stronger I get from week to week.

Finished the 7 Day Glute Challenge yesterday too. Whoa buddy, that was a rough one on top of the weight training! ... it's also how I managed to hit the box on the jump Friday. My legs were just dead. I'd jumped the 30" box the previous week and really wanted to hit it again last week, but body said no way! I have a nice knot/bruise on my shin bone now!!

This week, I've added a 7 Day Ab Challenge . It's fun to add something new to the mix and I'm doing the challenge with some friends so that makes it fun too!

I hit this gym this morning for my Pull Workout and had my daughter snap a couple pics so I could share them...

bicep curls at the gym

TRX Inverted Rows

Cable Pulls
The full workout today
Hamstring raises with 25 lb plate
DB lateral and front raises
Barbell Upright Row
Wide Grip Lat Pull
Seated Row on cable
Hamstring Curl on TRX
Cable Pulls
Bicep Curls
TRX Inverted Rows

3 sets of each

Took me right at an hour and felt pretty good afterwards! I came home and did Day 1 of the ab challenge :)

Total workout time today: 67 min
Total calorie burn today: 408 cals

Saturday a group of us headed up to the mountains to check out the fall colors and go for a hike. It was a truly wonderful day with friends and the views were amazing...

Here's to a new week!


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