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Jorge Cruise and the Belly Fat Cure.

Posted Jan 04 2010 5:50am

I spend a lot of time reviewing programs online about weight loss and most of them I ignore.

This program, The Belly Fat Cure, has intrigued me. I believe in the actual premise of it though as usual it does nothing to help those of us who have disordered eating however the more I see the more I agree that what he's promoting is a healthy way of eating that probably would help us get rid of the belly fat.

I've also been looking into the "belly fat" idea because I didn't believe that you could lose weight in "spots" like the belly. But when I researched what I discovered is that the belly fat that they talk about is not the inch(or 5) that you can pinch but fat behind the rib cage and muscles of the abdomen surrounding the organs. This is the fat that is not good for health and this is the fat that makes your belly potrude even if you don't have an inch to pinch and is dangerous to health.

I am on a mission now to remove the sugar from my diet that always creeps in at Christmas and remove the few pounds I gained and the first thing I do is remove sugar from my diet.

I won't be purchasing the book but I may borrow it from the library and review it here at some point. It has some interesting science inside that I would like to explore further as well.

I do think that removing sugar from the diet is ideal for health, particularly the refined stuff but he goes further and limits all sugar to 15g per day.

If anyone has read his book I would like your feedback on it.

Meanwhile here is a video from Cruise's webite for you to view.

Belly Fat Cure Website and Video

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