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Join my Freedom Challenge, pass it on!

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:05pm

Weight loss is the ultimate act of self-love. “ Linda Medley (Over 100 pounds down)

I’ve decided to start my own challenge this year, and would love to see all of you join me. I do this as much for me as for you. After all, I’m learning support is one of the major keys to success.

Today, being the final day of 2008, I’ve spent seeking out and reading the success stories of others who have lost over 100 pounds. There are so many stories, but I find myself drawn more to the success of ladies who have lost well over 100 pounds. Likely because it is more inspiring to me and they are the ones I relate to the most. The website where I’ve spent most of my time is called The Weigh We Were, and there are plenty of individual situations there that anyone can relate to someone.

The first lady to grasp my attention was Nicole Dennison, who lost 300 pounds (460 lbs to 160). I could relate to her because she lost without gastric bypass surgery. She contemplated it, but had to lose some weight before they would do the surgery to show her dedication to losing weight. Well, after she started to lose she decided she would do it without the surgery. She cancelled her appointment, and she did it! On a side note, the lady in the video who kept saying, "No. No. No..." was annoying. She should have been saying, "Yes! Yes...!"

I know my doctor and I spoke about surgery last year, but my feeling is to do this without surgery. After all, if I got the weight on, I have to figure out how to get the weight off to be successful. Over this past month; however, that thinking began to falter. “ Maybe I should consider that surgery." I said to myself, but I really don’t want to go that route. Yet feelings of defeat have been growing. Reading Nicole’s story has squashed that negativity. It’s the first time I’ve heard about anyone who has been so close to that surgery and succeeded without it. Now I know it can be done, and I will be another one who succeeds.

The most prominent lady for me in the time I was able to read was Stephanie Burgess from the UK who went from 24 stone to 12 stone (336 pounds to 168 pounds). I am exactly where she was, especially when she said, " she was physically exhausted and suffered from excruciating backache and pain in her knees and ankles.” Just yesterday, as I spent a few hours with my dear friend, I told her, “ I’m back exactly where I was, I again cannot get very far at all without excruciating pain in my back. ” This is the same friend who was as shocked as I was a number of months ago when we’d gone shopping and for the first time I had been able to walk around shopping for about 1.5 hours without the desperate need to sit for fear my legs would collapse beneath me. Well, as this year ends, I am back where I started with the back pain, and I now notice that my knees and ankles hurt A LOT. Plus, like Stephanie, I too am exhausted all the time. I’ve spent more time than normal sleeping over the holidays. Although walking is once again a painfully frustrating experience and my weight may think she’s taking me down again, but she will lose – I’ll be the winner!

It was the statement from Linda Medley above that sparked the thoughts of this New Year’s Freedom Challenge. I’ve already been doing that to a point with the self discovery. That’s the key isn’t it? We have to find out what makes us tick, who we are inside the body carting us around all day. It has never failed to amaze me how I can be the closest person to myself, and have so many questions. “Why do I feel this way?” “Why did I eat that when I really wasn’t hungry?” “What is it I really want to do in my life?”

So, here’s the challenge – Get true and get down to the real you.

Start communicating with yourself. Communication is the number one break down of a relationship, well, with all this extra weight, what kind of a relationship is it I have with myself? Who would I let:

- Talk down and insult me?
- Stuff food down my throat?
- Hold me down on the couch and glue my eyes to the television?
- Throw junk all over the house so it looks like a tornado blew through?
- Feed me food that isn’t healthy or good for me?

In the real world, no other person could do these things to me, but I let ME do this to ME! Where is the logic in that? I challenge you to:

- Discover why you do the things you do. Focus on changing one each week.
- Write as you discover about why you’ve done some of these things.
- Cleanse your mind of the baggage that goes with it.

Take on one new change each week. Week one - no negative self talk or insults. If you catch yourself doing that write down what you’ve said, and then see if you can remember who once said that to you. Why did they have such an impact on you?

Updates will be at the end of each week. I hope you will share your progress too!
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