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John Goodman’s Workout and Diet Plan

Posted Dec 30 2012 2:46pm

One of the most beloved actors in Hollywood, John Goodman is known for two things: His portly frame and his ability to make people laugh. But when he neared the 400 lbs mark in 2007 (his biggest ever) and saw himself on film, he knew it was time to finally lose weight.

He was 58 when he had this revelation, even though he’d been struggling with weight all his life. After the end of filming of each Roseanne season, he would pack on 60 lbs like clockwork. He’s also admitted to being an alcoholic (with craft beer being his weakness) and a lifelong smoker (having started in junior high).

But all of that has changed (and don’t believe the rumors; he did not have gastric bypass surgery). John quit drinking and smoking, and since 2012, he’s lost nearly 100lbs by good old-fashioned hard work. From hiring one of the best trainers in the sports-world to cutting almost all sugar from his diet, here’s how everyone’s favorite TV dad managed to pull off one of the most impressive weight losses in recent history.

The workout

When John decided it was time to lose weight, he hired Mackie Shilstone, a famous sports trainer who’s trained Serena Williams and Ozzy Smith. John wanted to treat his weight loss as if it was a job this time around (so he didn’t fall off the bandwagon like years before).

And since John was overweight for so many years, his knees began to take the brunt of his weight, becoming arthritic (he’s already had one knee replaced). This has limited the types of exercises he can do. Mackie put John on a strict 6 days a week workout regimen, that had him doing 40 minutes of cardio twice a day (morning and night), only using the elliptical machine and recumbent bike to save on his knees.

John also boxed twice a week, boxing for 12 rounds and getting his heart rate up to 140. Generally however, John’s target heart rate is between 106 to 116 when he works out regularly which he follows to get the maximum fat burning effect. And for strength training, he used resistance bands, which allowed him to contract and release slower.

The diet

Since poor food choices were a way of life for John for so many years, his body became diabetic, and was something John had to take into account when changing his eating habits. He ended up cutting nearly all sugar from his diet, with the only sugar he ate coming from fruit. He also says sugar makes him hungry, giving him another god reason to give it the nix.

Another diet restriction John had to keep at the forefront of his eating plans was the fact that he’s lactose intolerant (which actually has helped him limit his calorie intake since eating anything with dairy causes his stomach to be upset). John has replaced almost any milk product he consumes with soy (soy yogurt and soy milk) giving his diet a healthy jolt.

In the morning, John likes to eat scrambled eggs, muffins and fruit and granola. For lunch and dinner, he’ll consume lean proteins such as salmon and chicken, as well as plenty of vegetables (roasted or broiled; never fried). He especially loves apples, saying they help suppress his appetite. And after he works out, he likes to make a smoothie with fruit, whey protein powder and soy milk to give his body much-needed nourishment. Also, before eating a meal, he’ll drink green tea to suppress his appetite (an ancient Japanese secret).

John Goodman’s weight loss proves it’s never to late to make a change, even if it seems impossible.

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