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Jogging the Best weight loss Exercise- Do it

Posted Feb 13 2009 5:26pm

Yes You heard it right, jogging is the super exercise that will rocket you to your weight loss goals so fast that you will probably get a nose bleed. All joking aside, jogging is the number one exercise that you should be focusing all your efforts on if you are serious about losing weight.

What you will need to get started is some suitable clothing dependent on the country in which you live , a set of running shoes , a bottle of water and a safe place in which to jog. Due to times we live in I need to stress that safety does not just mean traffic these days, it also covers such things as jogging alone at night or in a lonely park or country area with little or no other people around.

I have found it to be very beneficial to get your self a note book and write down your goals and work out your jogging sessions ahead of time, I recommend that you jog every other day to prevent suffering an injury or worse burning out completely and giving up all together.

There’s no doubt about it jogging burns calories and it burns heaps of them and not only while you are jogging but for many hours after wards and will set your metabolism alight.

Remember this is not a race so set yourself a gentle pace and as you get fitter you will naturally start to increase the pace and find that youno longer suffer from breathlessness . If you are not fit, not to worry there is a great system which is called the Jog / walk system that has proved it’s worth to many a newbie . All you do is start jogging and when you need a rest you rest passively by walking but do not stop. Once you get your breath back you start jogging and so on and so on. You will be jogging all the way before you know it.

This is my personal preference only but I strongly urge you to try it. Jog first thing in the morning, before work, dropping the kids off at school etc. As you exercise your body releases endorphin, this is a free, feel happy drug that is produced naturally by your body. This will help you get through your day with vigor and new found energy that you never knew existed. Not only will you feel fantastic throughout the day you will sleep more soundly at night as well. Is that good or good.

I suggest that you plan on jogging for about 20 minutes with a 5 to 10minute warm up and cool down (this does not count towards your exercise session) Warm up by gently walking, this will warm up your muscles and joints and get the blood flowing, the same for the cool down. After you have cooled down, perform some light stretches. You will get far more benefitby stretching at the end of your exercise than you will at the start and to be quite frank most probably injure yourself.

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