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January Wrap Up

Posted Jan 31 2013 7:04pm

I didn’t really set any specific goals for January itself because I had set up my To Do list for the yea r. 

I actually did make progress on some of those goals already, though.  That’s the whole beginning of the year for you.  Everyone is really motivated, including myself!

I read 3 books this month, 2 of which were fiction.  I don’t know if I should count cookbooks as part of my 30 books for the year?

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce


This is a very sweet book.  It’s a journey of self discovery by a man later in life. 

Then Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote


I had never read this book. It’s really a novella, not very long.  Interesting that the book does not end like the movie and I wonder what Capote thought about that.  Capote’s writing style is so good and I think the shortness of the novel makes people maybe not realize its greatness.  This book is very reminiscent to me of The Great Gatsby in terms of style of writing. Crisp and witty.  If you liked Gatsby, you will probably like this one.  This particular edition also had several short stories in it, and I loves me some short stories!  Those were a sweet little bonus.

I got started on the bathroom renovation. Did I mention I was redoing the bathroom?  Just in case you weren’t aware… Funny, this was not a project that was going to be started so soon, but it actually came about because of a coupon for tub refinishing that I saw in the paper. I called for an estimate on doing the tile in the whole room and decided I could have a better look for less money by taking it out myself. (I will have them do just the tub at some point). That got me going a few months before I had really thought I was going to do it.  Now I am glad it will be done before biking season. Don’t want anything keeping me from my cupcake rides! bike

I am actually progressing on the weight loss front as well.  Remember when I had my little hissy fit earlier in the month that the scale wasn’t moving?  Well, I didn’t need to change anything. I just needed to be patient and wait a bit and the scale went down 3.5 pounds for January! That is pretty amazing for me and I am super pleased. I’ll just keep on keeping on.

Pixie picture of the day.  We have a portable dishwasher (which also is a nice catch-all for putting stuff on… ) and Pixie loves to lay on it when it is running because it is warm.  I set my latte next to her to get a picture and she got most offended. This was just as she was getting ready to leave :D


Maybe she doesn’t like my owl cup?

Anyway, I need to think up some February goals!

How was your January?

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