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It seems to have become absolutely impossible to lose weight. In the last year and a half I have gained approximately 70lbs!

Posted by rosenbloomrosie

LAst year and a half...2 rotator cuff repairs, full hysterectomy, bladder surgery (nephrogenic adenoma), pulmonary embolism, ivc filter insertion. On and weaned off of due to BAD side effects from Lyrica, cymbalta and prestiq. Continue to take Xanax, warfarin and percoset to maintain activity. Work out 3 hours 5x per week. 30 minutes/5 miles recumbant bike, 45 min resistance in water and 45 minutes of laps. I workout in water due to spinal stenosis and joint disease. 45 yo female. Was comfortable at 240 but am now approx 310. My hips, knees and feet hurt due to weight!
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