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It's not about the scale / it's all about the scale

Posted Nov 08 2013 5:19pm

Are you confused yet? Read on and I'll explain.

Back when I was on diets that required a weekly weigh-in, I got into the habit of thinking weigh-in day was a free for all because I'd have the entire week to work it off. Then that day turned into a weekend, which turned into "Don't worry, you have more than half the week to work it off," which became "OK, three days of being perfect and we'll be OK," which became ...

Get the picture?

It wasn't the "Last Supper Syndrome," which is the free-for-all that can occur before someone attempts a restrictive diet. It's kind of the opposite, more like the high school wrestler making weight before a big meet.

This was what I was doing up until a couple weeks ago. I wouldn't get on the scale until I sweated outside for an hour and made sure I was good and dehydrated. Then off would come everything, including my glasses, before I got on the scale.

So my Retrofit advisor suggested I get on the scale every day.

And while the anti-scale crowd may rage against that,  I did that this week and it really made my life less stressful.

Wake up, do my bathroom business, get on the scale, get off the scale, get on with my life.

All the scale does is tell me whether I'm on the right track with my eating and working out. If I have a particularly "salty" day, I know it'll show up on the scale the next morning, so I'll watch the salt and it'll go away the next day.

The number doesn't define ME; it just tells me how much all my water, bones, fat and muscle adds up to on any particular day.

By stepping on the scale every day, I take away its power to define whether my week was "bad" or "good."

Every day is weigh-in day so there are no free-for-alls. What a revelation!

Weighing every day and not counting calories (yes! really!). More on that Monday.

And I dropped 2 pounds this week.

I'll drink to that! (Coconut water, of course. It's still freaking hot down here and it's a great post-workout drink.)

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