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It’s how you view it

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:12pm


This week has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. Tonight I was feeling all consumed by my life and the stresses of being a single mom. I have been doing better with the diet, water intake and exercise this week thanks to some motivation from some great blogs, as seen to the right, and South Beach Steve’s Hot 100 challenge.

However, I was thinking this evening about how hard my life is and I began to feel like a completely ungrateful heel. My life is really pretty great and I have so much to be thankful for.

How could I really think I have any right to complain when I have two healthy and (hopefully) happy children, I am healthy and blessed with so many people who love me?

I agree… so I decided to change my attitude. I am learning more each day and I am being inspired by all of the amazing people around me.

So… a lesson I have learned so many times and will hopefully “get” soon is: life is what is what it is… we each get to decide how we view it. I believe we all choose our path and choose what it is to us. This weight loss journey could be viewed at a nuiecense, over complicated and over rated, or it can be viewed as a journey of gaining knowledge, health and strength.

Tomorrow I will view each breath as a gift and each person as someone whose ass I should kick to make me feel better! Just Kidding!

Make it a great day and smile big, suck your gut in and tuck your buns under… they say it is good exercise. :)


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