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It's Always Good to Know How to Stop Your Emotional Eating

Posted Mar 30 2012 5:00am

Another excerpt from Stop Your Emotional Eating, a new weight-loss book for women in the Using Psychology to Lose Weight series

Stop Your Emotional Eating Final Internet There is a chain of events that always leads to the act of emotionally eating. This chain of events is made up of your thoughts and feelings, your reactions to situations—and you might not be aware of them. Lack of awareness is the usual course.

When this chain of events that precedes and causes your lapse in eating behavior is taking place, it is a well-established pattern that has gotten to be pretty automatic. Automatic, meaning you don’t give it much thought, might not pay attention to it, and before you know it, you find yourself doing it. 

In such a chain of events, you unknowingly make decisions that lead you down the slippery slope to emotional eating. Surprising as it may be, decisions that you might think are innocent and not at all connected to eating are what propel you from link to link in this chain. These are not food related decisions. Nevertheless, it is these non-food decisions that are forcing you to resort to emotional eating.

To break the pattern of emotional eating, you have to familiarize yourself with the chain of events and then change the non-food decisions you are making.

You can buy Stop Your Emotional Eating at Amazon , Barnes & Noble , Indiebound , Kobo , Blackwell's (UK), Chapters/Indigo (CA)

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