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It's almost time!!!!

Posted Sep 17 2010 12:00am
I can hardly believe it's almost time for our little girl to arrive!!!! In less than 2 weeks, she should be here, and, to be honest, I am more than ready for her to come. My body needs a break! These last few weeks have been the best and worst for me. My body is changing in preparation for birth, which is amazing and wonderful. However, some of these changes are making things, such as walking (more like a waddle) and sleeping extremely difficult. That being said, I would do it all over again just to be able to feel her flutter and kick. :)

Here is a little preview of what our baby will look like...

This ultrasound photo is from 7/26/10, and at the time, she was approximately 5 lbs 9 0z! My doctor thinks that she will weigh about 7 to 7 1/2 lbs when she is born. So far, I can tell that she has her daddy's big, round eyes and full lips and my cute little nose. I can't wait to finally hold her in my arms so I can listen to her breathe, count her toes and fingers and watch her sleep!

Here's a photo I took of myself earlier this week. I'm so proud of my baby belly!!

I can't wait to introduce you all to our little Boom-Boom! Don't you just love her nickname? Prashant started calling her Boom-Boom a while back because she kicks me all the time! Who knows, maybe she'll grow up to be a soccer player or a Rockette? Maybe even a kung-fu fighter, lol!

Before I say good-bye...

Just for fun, I thought I'd share with you what I ate for breakfast this morning. I made myself a bowl of super yummy banana bread oatmeal! Into my oats, I added 2 tbsp of hemp seeds (for the good fats and protein) and a small piece of banana bread crumbled on top. I just baked the banana bread last night and couldn't wait to try it. My mouth is watering now...

Part II of my breakfast will be a small bowl of cantaloupe. I have to eat small meals these days because the baby takes up most of my stomach space. :)

I don't know if I will be posting again before the baby arrives, but I will definitely be back afterwards with photos!!

Take care, my blog friends. I truly miss you all!!
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