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It's All in your Head (?)

Posted Nov 15 2009 11:00am

 I have been on this life-long journey of weight loss for, well, for as long as it matters! After 20 some odd years of searching for the perfect diet/exercise combo just to lose a few pounds (well, not "few" now) I am TIRED.

I know now, however, and hope that I grasp that this journey is highly personal, but that it is about being a healthier version of the me I find myself at...after 3 kids (2 of which are twins) I am saying a fond farewell to the remote possibility of having a toned midsection (barring me getting the big check from PCH), but saying hello to the idea of less of me to carry around while CHASING those 3 boys. I am saying goodbye to fighting with myself over small losses, and saying hello to enjoying and celebrating "small" victories". In moderation of course-- I could eat myself stupid and coddle myself to the grave...not that end of the spectrum either.

I discovered a strange phenomena...there are parts of my brain that don't know the rules. You know, the "healthy living" rules that I am learning about if you are hungry, you really CAN sit down and have something protein laden to fill you up fast as opposed to running around whit a high-fat snack whenever you can get it cause that's all that will quickly fill you up. That part of my brain is the part that needs to be needs to be washed, it needs to be lovingly taught that the "chocolate or ice cream-at-bed-because-the-kids-are-FINALLY-asleep" thing-- it is NOT gonna get me fit.


So how do I do that? It seems like a smart thing to focus my energies for now I am trying to learn...really learn and soak up, that healthy life-style information. But I am not sure how to funnel that to the real "I get it" part of my brain, and not just the"diet" part of my brain that has helped me succeed (and fail) so many times before.


So we will see, and if anyone does have any tips or tricks as to how I can start changing the CORE of this part of me that drives my unhealthy decision making aka "Fat brain"...please say so.

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