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It feels great to dance again...

Posted Feb 04 2008 1:00pm 6 Comments

...after not having the stamina to keep a good pace beyond a song or two. for so long.

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Hi Kenneth,

Welcome to the community! I can kind of relate. I recently started taking up dance myself--I hadn't taken a dance class for nearly 10 years, and I felt kind of self-conscious about the prospect of being in a room with experienced dancers who were more coordinated than myself. But to me, dancing isn't really about stamina or coordination or being more graceful than somebody else. It's about a natural expression of the body; it's about being uninhibited enough to enjoy yourself and go at your own pace whatever that may be. I still find I don't have the stamina of other people in my Afro-Haitian dance class, but that's perfectly fine. These days, I'm able to dance like no one's watching! :)

I can totally relate! I just got back into tap dancing after 18 years. I stopped dancing when I was 10 years old, but I never lost my love for tap dance. When I went to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular this past December, I decided it was time to get tapping once again.

I had my first class last week. I remember the basic steps, but forgot some of the more complicated ones. Unfortunately, putting the basics steps into more complicated routines has been a little bit of a struggle. But you know what? It's barely gotten me down, because it just feels so fantastic to dance again! I'm sure I'll pick it up after a while, and even if I don't this time around, there's always another group of classes I can take somewhere else. I'm not about to give up on something I love this much.

Good for you! Dancing enriches the soul... and it's good for you! You are taking great steps -- pardon the pun! -- to a healthy, fun lifestyle. Are you sharing this fun development in your life with someone special? After all, it's like the Chinese saying, "What's the sound of one hand clapping?"
I love Nirmala's answer! It makes me miss my old dance classes. I took dance for years when I lived in a bigger city, but it's been a long time. Someday.... I'm glad you're feeling good and enjoying dance. It's amazing exercise, especially because it's disguised as fun!

I can relate. When I started Muay Thai kickboxing, I felt like a complete arse. I couldn't get the combinations and I felt like I was holding my partners back from getting a good workout. However, over time, I started to catch on and with some extra coaching from my husband and the trainer, I was learning the proper form as well. It just goes to show that, even though I still get frustrated (I just wasn't made for the sport), everyone just needs a little time.

Good for you Kenneth! Keep it up!

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