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It comes down to trust

Posted Feb 13 2013 11:46am
I have to say I am a little sad I didn’t get more support on  yesterdays post   post. 36 views and one comment. It’s ok. I know what many of you may be thinking – not weighing myself is an excuse to eat poorly. I understand where you may be coming from, and all I can say is – it cannot be further from the truth.
Just to give you a snap shot of food yesterday:
Oatmeal, egg white, blueberries
Ezekiel bread, PBBananaChicken bites (clean, made at home), 4 quinoa bites (clean, made at home)Carrots and hummusSalad with romaine, spinach, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, a few olives and 1 tbs home made dressingair popped popcorn
A little on the carby side, I realized. But calories still in check. I AM still logging food into Livestrong – I can only trust myself a little at a time!source
That’s what I think this is coming down to. I have never trusted myself with anything related to eating properly, weight loss, or exercise. I always question myself. I could be dizzy and dry-heaving in a workout and I would look back and wonder if I could have done more, or if there was an excuse somewhere there. The same goes with food and anything related to this path I’m on. (Yes, Norma , I will refrain from using the term “journey” – lol)Excuses got me to 365 lbs, and I am never, ever going anywhere NEAR there again. But at what point can you say that you can trust yourself? Such a hard question for me. I am still nervous about it, but not weighing myself is freeing me to focus on my other goals. The numbers on the weights I lift going up, the height on my box jump going up, the strength of my arms, back and chest for a pull-up. I’ve decided to purchase the book  The New Rules of Lifting for Women I’ve heard really good things about it, and I think it will help me be more consistent with my lifting and progress. I get an awesome workout with weights when I go to Bodyology, but that’s only once a week. I enjoy my Group Power class, but that’s just once a week. I want a plan I can do at home, if needed, or something I can do at the gym without a class. Walking into the free weight section at the gym is a little intimidating, so I really want to know what I am going to do before I get over there – I don’t want to look like an ass. I should be getting my book Friday. I would love to start it ASAP – I still have 20 days till surgery, and I feel like I could only benefit from it, even if I have to stop in the middle for a bit. Then, I would just start from the top again once my doc gives me the go-ahead. source
Have any of you out there used the book? I understand there is a"diet" involved in it. I will certainly take a look at the info, but I am getting it for the weight lifting program. I think they probably advocate for clean eating, anyway...I know  Dr. PlumPetals   has used it, and has now moved on to using the original. Any thoughts, guys?snap shot of today’s eats:coffeeEzekiel bread, PBcoffeeblack bean soup, sprinkle of feta cheeseRed peppers, hummusBananaNot sure about dinner yet, but I have been loving my salads. However, I need some more protein, so I’ll have to see what I can cook up to go with it. Water, water, water
Won’t make it to my Group Power class tonight – it’s Ash Wednesday, and the choir is singing at this evening’s service. I’m fairly sure I can make it to the gym tomorrow after work and before choir practice. I’ll be red and maybe a little sweaty, but hey, they’ll deal.More snow in the forecast for this evening (just a few inches, I guess) – Thing 1 BETTER have school tomorrow. He hasn’t had it since LAST Thursday. They are also predicting a much heavier snowfall – perhaps even another blizzard, for Sunday into Monday. I give up. Any of you guys out there have trust issues with YOURSELF like I do?
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