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It’s a Test, Right?

Posted May 31 2010 10:57am

Warning: This post may be whiny.

I went walking/running this morning after taking six days off from running… yet again. Now the issue seems to be with my hip.

I’m not sure what’s going on with me this year, but since outdoor running season started again in around March, I keep hurting myself. First I did something to my knee. I took a couple of weeks off from running and it seemed to right itself. Ah. But not before derailing my endurance so I had to start with walking/running again and work my way back up to 3 miles.

I did that. Got back to three miles, started to feel strong and WHAM! broke my toe. Now I know this one was my own stupid fault, but once again, it set me back a couple of weeks. No running, rebuilding endurance and finally, back to 3 miles, back to feeling strong, back to…. hurt.

I’ve done something to my hip. I’m not sure what but it hurts. And not in a good way. I don’t let the “my muscles are sore from working out” pain stop me… ever. That pain lets you know you’ve pushed yourself.

No, this hip thing is different. This is something that shouldn’t be swelling inside the joint is doing just that. I ran Tuesday. My hip hurt a lot the rest of that day and the rest of the week pretty much. By yesterday though, not as bad so I went walking (5 miles). That didn’t seem to aggravate it beyond the twingy ache I still had from Tuesday.

So, today I attempted running. I took my short course (2.5 miles) mostly because it’s flat, and I paid attention to how I was feeling. This hip thing is sneaky. It doesn’t hurt that much when I’m running, but an hour later? Ow.

I ran maybe 2/3 of my run and walked the rest just to be safe. And I iced it when I got home. Now? It’s cranking again. Getting up from a sitting position? Not so much fun. Once I’m moving it eases out, but there’s something going on there.

It’s not so much pain that I can’t run on it, but I don’t want to make it worse.

I suppose I’ll make a doctor’s appointment this week, since the hip has been irritated for close to two weeks now. In the meantime, swimming and walking and maybe biking will have to do.

I feel like this injury thing is a test. I mean, I’ve been pretty sedentary most of my adult life and now that I’m finally exercising and actually liking it, what? I’m going to keep getting injured until I give up?

Well, I’m not giving the exercise up. So take that. If I have to go a little slower for awhile, I can do that. But I will be running again soon enough. You watch me. I still have that half marathon in my sights. And at some point soon, I’m going to get past that 3-mile mark again.

Happy Memorial Day!

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