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It’s a Bike Thing!

Posted Aug 08 2011 10:19pm

Minneapolis was voted the Best Bike City by Bicycling Magazine! It is one of the top bicycle commuting cities in the country! There are more than 80 miles of paths in and around the city of Minneapolis proper- not to mention all the trails that connect the city to the suburbs! “ Minneapolis takes pedal-power very seriously. Having been recently voted the country’s most bike friendly city, it offers 83 miles of off-street paths along with 43 miles of street bike lanes. The Minnehaha Trail, the Grand Rounds, and the Greenway are among the most used trails in the nation. The city says the biking community has doubled since 2000 and quadrupled since 1980.” (Kare 11 News)

More and more Bike Valet parking around the city! This was a bicycling event at the Art Museum! This was a great little news piece on the other night- we enjoyed watching it because we have ridden on most of the trails shown on the clip!

Out and about in our latest favorite look- Bike Helmets and Sun Glasses!

I got the bike so I could cross train for my running! I LOVE it so much- that I only ran about 3-4 times in all of July! I have been really working my way back up to some more running in August- and I have missed it- but biking is just so much fun!

I love it because My Guy and I can do it together- I love it because I really work up a sweat- I love it because it is cooler than running- going so fast the wind blowing on your face an dbody- no matter how hot and humid it is outside!

The City of Minneapolis has a whole section of their website dedicated to the bicycling community!

Heaed off for a ride!

I wish I could explain- or tell you all these real concrete reasons why I LOVE biking so much- but I truly cannot. All I can say is that I feel happy when I am riding. I feel healthy- I feel fast! LOL I love sharing the experience with My Guy… but I also love riding by myself.

Part of the experience of being a city biker- keeping your bikes in your already tiny apt!

I wish I had pics- but I cannot tell you how many times I have hoped on my bike in a skirt or dress to head out for the day or to meet my Guy for a date… and not been even close to the only girl in the city on a bike in a dress! I LOVE THAT about this city!

My Guy with his bike all packed for our 45 mile trip to Stillwater and back!

We packed up our panniers and packs two weekends ago- and did about 45 miles! Yes, all in one day! We went to Stillwater and back on the Gateway trail! That was a gorgeous ride- 18 miles north from St Paul to above Stillwater- then down to Stillwater. Mostly forest and shade (which was great on this over 90 degree day!) It also winds through some wetlands and farm lands… just a very pretty ride! We enjoyed a few hours in Stllwater- walking around the streets and shops and eating lunch- before we headed back. We cut some distance off by cutting west across highway 12 instead of going back north… but we paid for it by biking up almost 100% of that cutoff (5 miles or so) UP HILL!! UGH! I was NOT a happy camper! LOL But we made it!

Lest we forget winter is never far away here in MN! This is in N. St. Paul.

We have biked so much since I got my bike at the end of June- that I already need my 90 day tune-up! My gears are slipping and all the cables are loose! Before we headed out of town today- I took my bike to the shop yesterday so they could have it all righted up and ready to go by Weds when we get back! The thought of being without my bike for even a day (even though we only usually ride every other day or so together) is scary! (My Guy rides his bike to work every day!)

Just getting home from the grocery store!!

So- we have decided- we love our bikes so much… and with me not having a new job yet… I sold my car.. and we are going to be a no car household… and be a happy two bike household for a few months! We have already done a practice run to the grocery store- and it worked out just fine… we know most of the paths to get where we need to go… and my hair is short enough that it doesn’t even look too wrecked once I take my helmet off! :) It will save us quite a bit of money over the next few months!

So who knew? I never had any idea how much fun it was going to be- how much I was going to enjoy riding! I am so thrilled I have found biking… it is definately an exercise I can and will totally stick with and conveniently (much like walking/running) it is also a great inexpensive means of transportation! :) YAY!

What kind of exercise do you do that you never thought you would enjoy as much as you do?

Do you bike? Do you love it?

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