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Isn’t red meat a healthy eating guideline?

Posted Apr 17 2009 11:00pm


Where's the beef? I was in the airport last week and was reading the USA Today while waiting for my plane.  I came across a section in the paper called letters and they all related to obesity, weight loss and healthy eating guidelines.


Here is a summary of the 3 letters as they are all ranting about a study being done on Iditarod sled dogs, yet have one common meaning.


Letter 1: 

A nurse practitioner wrote in and said American’s continue to look in all the wrong places for a solution to Type 2 diabetes.  Instead of studying the muscles of sled dogs as one researcher is doinng this nurse practitioner says all we have to do is follow a low-fat vegan diet as it is as effective as oral medications at lowering blood sugar in people.  


Letter 2:

Root of obesity epidemic is the government.  Mark writes "The obesity epidemic that we know today began in the early 1980’s when the Department of Agriculture bought surplus dairy products with our tax dollars, then sold them anywhere they could or donated them for exanple to public schools.  Dairy and meat make humans fat."



Letter 3:

David writes "The way some reporters are exaggerating the latest National Caner Institute study on meat and mortality, you’d think a sirloin apocalypse is just around the corner.  All this hamburger hubub is really a great example of what’s wrong with today’s healthy reporting.  Unfortunately, some health-conscious Americans will be scrambling to empty out their meat lockers instead of doing the simple things that are guaranteed to make them healthier.  Eat everything in moderation, don’t smoke and get some exercise."


Now they all have drastically different view points when it comes to why America is obese and fat, but the common theme is eat in moderation and choose healthier foods. 

Chicken wrap

That means a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, dairy, etc, but don’t overindulge on any one item.  Eat variety and and eat healthy.  Include some exercise and you will have the most important keys to living a healthier and leaner life.


Yours in health,


Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS
America’s Trusted Weight Loss Expert


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Thanks again,

Alejandra Romo











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