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Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse and Replenishment Program

Posted Dec 14 2009 3:21am
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This is a guest post by Mike O'Donnell.

Note from John – I don't intend to turn this blog into an Isagenix website, however the discussion following my last post was so fascinating and divisive that I thought it would be interesting to see yet another perspective on this product. If you would like to know more about Isagenix please contact me and I will put you in touch with an Isagenix consultant who can answer any questions you may have.

Hello readers of John is Fit. My name is Mike O'Donnell, and John has been gracious enough to allow me to contribute a guest post to his blog. I'm writing to you today regarding Isagenix and in response to John's Isagenix experience post. But before I get into the meat of my post, I want to tell you a little about myself.

I'm from Brooklyn, NY. I'm a former Naval Aviator and have been teaching College English in New York for the past five years. I'm in my mid-thirties. I'm 6'3 and was stuck at 240 lbs for several years, and all the running and dieting in the world couldn't help me get below 235…

I first put Isagenix in my body exactly one year ago last week. But my story actually started a little before that. I suffered an awful bike accident in 2007. I went over my handlebars on the Brooklyn Bridge and shattered both wrists and broke both elbows. I had multiple surgeries and many months of therapy to regain the use of my hands. And then I fell into a severe depression. After several months of therapy, I emerged from my depression, but I had been forever changed, or so I thought. I went through a year of life with a cloud over my head, just feeling generally "off" and accepting the fact that I wasn't the person I used to be, that I wouldn't enjoy life the way I used to. Thankfully, my sister Sharon would not accept that.

My older sister's a single mom who tried Isagenix and absolutely loved it. After eight years of struggling with different exercise routines and diets to shed the pregnancy weight, she finally started shedding dress sizes with Isagenix and announced that she felt like a Rock Star. She begged me to try the program. I said "no way" for three months; it just sounded too strange.

When I finally caved and skeptically tried it, I was AMAZED at how great I felt and at how easy I found the program. Within days of putting Isagenix into my body, my entire outlook changed. I felt like myself again. I was happy and smiling. Whatever was inside me pulling me down, however imbalanced chemically I had become because of my painkillers or whatever, was flushed out of my system. It was literally an amazingly dramatic experience that I have difficulty explaining. My sleep improved,my mental clarity became sharper, my mood became sunnier, my energy level went through the roof, my acne cleared up, and I lost 17 pounds in 9 days! I kept going with Isagenix and lost 30 pounds in under 6 weeks (and I did cheat a bit, as it was over Christmas and New Years). I reached my goal weight for 2009 of 210 pounds before January even ended!

I switched to Maintenance, which is just drinking a shake for breakfast every day, eating normal foods (mostly healthy, but not all the time), and cleansing 1 or 2 days a month. Doing that, I slowly dropped another 10 pounds without really trying to. And it's stayed off all this time! This is the first year in longer than I can remember that I don't have a weight loss goal as part of my New Year's resolutions.

I have since started sharing Isagenix with everyone I know, which is why I am writing this today. The first thing that I want to do is congratulate John for seeing an opportunity and trying something that might seem a little strange. But even more importantly, I want to congratulate him for losing 5 pounds so far–the first few pounds are the hardest!

Some other brief success stories of people who I know personally:

  • My sister Sharon dropped from a size 12 to a size 4 over a year ago. None of the weight has returned.
  • My brother Chris lost over 30 pounds over a year ago and none of the weight has returned. Since starting Isagenix, he took up road races for the first time in his life. He's in his forties and says he's the fittest he's ever been; he recently won a 5K fundraiser run.
  • My 73-year-old father, a retired New York city firefighter, drinks an IsaLean shake every day and says he feels better that he has in over 10 years.
  • My friend Pat lost 70 pounds in 5 months and cured himself of type 2 diabetes.
  • My uncle came off his blood pressure meds in just three months.
  • A couple tried unsuccessfully to become pregnant for over two years; they turned to IsAgenix, and within two months, she was pregnant.
  • My friend Yanick lost 45 pounds in two months and her doctor canceled her double knee surgery; she went from having to be wheeled to her car in a wheelchair at the end of her nursing shift to getting up early to meet me in the park for aerobics before work.
  • My friend's son has ADHD. He's been drinking the shakes for two months and is doing great. She says that it's too early to really tell, but she's convinced that the shakes are doing wonders for him.
  • My friend Aida is doing her first 9 Day right now. By day 4, she had lost 10 pounds. She'd struggled with her weight her whole life, and is loving Isagenix. For the first time in her life, she feels like she has a program she can follow, a product that makes her feel healthy and curbs her unhealthy cravings, and the faith that she will finally be in control of her weight.
  • My friend Frada's mother and grandmother are diabetic. Frada herself has always struggled with her sugar levels. In two months with Isagenix, she's lost 20 pounds and now reports better sugar levels than she's had in a decade. She told me, "I don't just feel healthy, I feel young."

I've shared Isagenix with over 80 people and I can keep going with such successes, but I'll cut it there for length…

An important thing to remember is that Isagenix is NOT only about weight loss. It is a nutritional cleanse, meaning that it is a package of nutrient-packed foods, designed to eliminate toxins from your body and thereby allow your body to operate as it is meant to do so. Most of the foods that we eat, most of the household cleaners that we use, and most of today’s modern lifestyle bombards you with toxins that slowly build up in your body and cause it to malfunction. By flushing those toxins out of your system, Isagenix helps your body to operate better, you gain numerous benefits, AND you lose weight. This is what makes Isagenix different from everything else out there.

What exactly does Isagenix do? It quite simply helps your body function like the miracle that it is! It gets the junk out and puts the good stuff in. The organic cleanse drink, a blend of aloe vera, green teas, and minerals, fuels your cleanse organs (kidneys, liver, lymphatic system) so that they properly do their job and flush toxins out of your body; the IsaLean shake floods your body with perfect organic nutrition, including 23 grams of undenatured whey protein (from cows in New Zealand that will never be touched by hormones or steroids who eat grass that will never be touches by pesticides or herbicides), all 18 essential amino acids that your body cannot produce itself, and live digestive enzymes. Not only does Isagenix put every vitamin and mineral into your body that your body needs, but it does so in easily-absorbable organic form and along with the delivery system that allows your body to actually absorb, metabolize, and use these nutrients. Isagenix is not about depriving the body of anything; just the opposite, it's about finally giving your body everything it needs to function properly. In the process, you lose weight if you need to lose weight,
and you feel absolutely amazing.

The second thing that I really wanted to do is comment on John’s experiences so far. With respect to the difficulties that he is having during his cleanse days, I attribute this to the fact that he is not eating the snacks that are part of the plan. The purpose of those snacks is to keep your blood sugar levels up to prevent hunger and keep you from getting tired. Without them, it is no wonder that he finds the cleanse days difficult. (And contrary to one of the readers who stated that he’s hungry because he’s only drinking shakes on his cleanse days, that’s actually not true, as you do NOT drink shakes on cleanse days.) The program was designed by a diabetic, and the system is very mindful of blood sugar levels. You are meant to ingest something every two hours during the day. By skipping the snacks, John is sabotaging himself.

The one other comment that I want to make is this: Don't you think that Isagenix is worth trying if John has been able to lose five pounds in four days without following the plan as it is meant to be followed?

To all of you who are working to lose weight, good luck, enjoy life, and I hope to write again soon!

Mike O'Donnell is a former Naval Officer and a college English professor. After a dramatic body and life transformation with IsAgenix last year, in which he shed 40 pounds, he is now a Nutritional Cleansing Coach.

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Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse and Replenishment Program

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