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Is Your Weight Loss Progress Hampered by Your Childhood Experiences

Posted Nov 21 2013 6:52am

by Maria's Last Diet

What rules you when you eat too much food or eat too many fattening foods? Do you really think you are in charge, or is there some hidden force calling the shots? This hidden force may be your mother or your father or some other important relative in your childhood.

Do you remember the food rules at your house when you were growing up? What were they? Was it “you’d better clean your plate at every meal”? How about “you must stay at the table until you finished everything on your plate”? Or what about “you have to try it, just taste it, even if you think you don’t like it”? Then there might have been “you can’t have dessert until you finish your dinner.”

What were the food rules in your house when you were a child, and are these food rules contributing to your weight-gaining and weight-maintaining eating? Think carefully and see if your childhood food rules are still ringing in your ear.



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