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Is Your Personal Goal to Keep Being a Fat Woman?

Posted Nov 17 2012 6:09am

Let’s turn things around for a change. Your goal is not to lose your unwanted weight. Well, losing unwanted weight could still be a goal that’s rattling around in your head, but it may not be as powerful as some of your other goals regarding your weight.

One of your personal goals could be that you don’t give a damn about your weight. Here’s how this works. You don’t give a damn—not really—about your weight because you’d rather eat when you need to eat, even if you are eating too much food or eating the wrong foods like very calorie-rich foods way too often

You just don’t feel right unless you’re eating what you need to eat. You’ve gotten used to your expanded waistline, and despite the fact that there are times when you don’t like the way you look and the way you feel—so full and all, you persist at doing what keeps the weight on.

Now it might seem strange to you to earmark “not giving a damn about your weight” as a strong personal goal. It doesn’t sound like a goal, but if it’s there directing you, it could be made of a lot sterner stuff than a goal that is just rattling around in your head about losing your excess weight.


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