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Is This Your Weight-Loss Diet? Don’t Eat This, Don’t Eat That.

Posted Dec 16 2010 5:00am

What’s so good about restricting yourself when it comes to food and eating? One thing is certain; there are too many things that you will label as “bad”. “I can’t have this.” “I can’t have that.” “I can only have a little of this.” “Oh, I don’t dare even try that.” Does this sound like your weight-loss diet?

If this is your way of dieting, obviously what you are after is strong control over your eating. BUT, the more you control, the more you have to stay in control. In other words, having to tightly control yourself causes you to think that without such control you’d be out of control.

Can you loosen the reigns so dieting isn’t such an effortful chore and a worry over control? Instead of relying on control, control, control, why not be guided by your very own hunger cues. This is something you should be doing anyway, isn’t it? If your food intake is going right, it’s hunger cues that tell you when to eat and how much to eat.   

Making a change from tight control to hunger cues is definitely not going to happen over night—maybe not in a week, or a month, or longer. But you can see the value, can’t you, in trying to add hunger cue appreciation to your diet plan.

If you learn to pay attention to your hunger cues while you are dieting, sooner or later you’ll make hunger cues part of the dieting process. Once hunger cues have more of a role in your dieting, you’ll feel the need for tight control slipping away.   


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