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Is This The End Of Dieting?

Posted Mar 29 2011 6:32pm

Today is an exciting day! Could the end of dieting be here?

I’m going to transfer over now to my buddy Parth, my partner on The Ultimate Fat Loss Warrior project .

You see I’m helping transform him into the becoming an ultimate fat loss warrior – hence the name of the project and you can be part of our journey.

The concept of dieting is all wrong in our society. We usually “diet” when trying to lose fat. But, the real definition of diet is simply “a prescribed selection of foods.”

So if you eat food, you’re dieting. That’s all!

With that said, in order to lose fat, you need to completely change your diet, or “selection of foods.”

I’m sure you already know that, right? That should not have been some ground breaking comment.

Well then how come I keep getting emails and blog comments that go something like this:

“I’m doing so many workouts, but I can’t lose the fat!”

Recently I was asked by one of my friends about supplements. I raised an eyebrow and began asking him about his goals and what not because personally I think supplements are a bit of you know what…

Then I asked him about his diet. He told me his diet was fine. I kept pressing him for details.

Finally I said, if you’re not prepared to change your diet, then I can’t help you.

Because as you have probably read on here before you simply can’t out train a bad diet!

He finally told me what he ate. I was shocked!

How in the world did my friend believe that his diet was good?

It involved things like juice, fast food, and cookies. His sugar intake was off the charts!

I rolled my eyes, but then realised that I was in the same position as him not more than 4 months ago.

I honestly thought that what I was putting into my mouth was healthy. I was scratching my head, staring at my workouts, and trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.

People kept telling me to change my diet, but there was no way I was going to do that. It was too hard!



I was actually super shocked at how EASY it was to change my diet. In fact, it only took 3 days.


Do you have 3 days to follow a simple set of rules? To follow a diet plan that has been created FOR you?

No more guess work.

No more fad diets.

No more scratching your head and staring at your workout, and then emailing me asking for help, but not willing to change your diet.

Ok, now you’ve got your hand on your chin, and you’re like “What have you got for me?”

I haven’t got anything for you. But my friend Daniel Munday does. He has this thing he calls the 3-Day Detox Diet.

I told him he should call it the 3-Day Spartan Diet instead, cuz when people hear of “detox” they start thinking of diet pills and special shakes.

Nope. No diet pills. No shakes.

Just simple food. Unprocessed. In your belly. For 3 days. Can you do it?

If you’re ready, then check out the brand new Membership site my friend Daniel and I put together especially for you.

We’ve called it, the Ultimate Fat Loss Warrior. Check it out her e ====>>>>

4 150x150 Is This The End Of Dieting?

PS – It’s Daniel back again – I strongly encourage you to come along and join us over on the members section.

The 3 Day Detox Diet retails on my blog for $27 all by itself. But you get that as well as a bunch of other things for $29.95!

So is it the end of dieting? Well traditional dieting as we know it is now dead – thanks to this 3 Day Detox Diet which simplifies it down into a safe and healthy to follow detox.

No more shakes, no more pills, no more fasting. No more lemon syrup rubbish.

Just real food that will stimulate your fat loss.

See you there on the members page

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