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Is there a good support network/community here?

Posted by Lindsay W. Facebook

I have been all over the internet looking for some folks who are trying to lose weight and who want to support each other.  I need more people to comment on my blog, etc.  It doesn't help as much to write to nobody.  Is there a good community here and if so am I welcome? 





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Hey Lindsay,

 Looks like you came to the right place. :)  We would love to have you participate in our communities.  We have a bunch of different weight loss groups and community members who use Wellsphere to support each other.  If you have any questions, feel free to message me. 


Our face book, Serotonin Power Diet has a support group for people who are emotional overeaters and also people who gained weight while taking antidepressants and related drugs. Also if you have any questions that you want to be answered privately, we will do that as well .
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