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Is that tag on the wrong shirt?

Posted Apr 08 2010 11:03am

Does anyone know if Old Navy’s changed their sizing? I went there last night to find a cute summer shirt or two since my wardrobe is a little bare bones right now thanks to the move. Actually, I think I got rid of more clothing than I actually kept. It was kind of a nice little clothing purge. I got rid of everything that doesn’t fit, isn’t flattering, or I just plain old don’t wear. But now, I’m faced with “what am I going to wear?” a lot. So, tootling into Old Navy last night I had “cute, flowy, summer shirt” on the brain. I found a really cute cross front little dress for $15. I did the whole try it on over my clothes thing, and the XL fit, it was a little long for my liking and the straps wouldn’t stay up, but those are easy fixes with the old sewing machine so I grabbed it. I made my way further back and found these cute linen pin tuck camis, exactly what I had in mind on my way in. I grabbed the XL, and tried it on over my t-shirt. It looked weird. I was with The Roomie, and asked her what she thought. I needed a 2nd opinion, because I liked the shirt and would put up with a little weird if other people thought it looked cute. Hell, its only $17. She looks at me and says, “Its too big.” Wait. What? Its an XL, that’s my size now. Only one X. I know I’ve dropped some pounds lately, but not enough to put me into the realm of regular sizes. Not really believing that it was too big, but just a weird shirt, I grabbed the L and tried it on. Lo and behold, it fit, and looks good. Huh. So that got me thinking that maybe the dress I was holding was also on the big side, so I wandered back to the dresses, pulled an L off the rack, and pulled it on. Besides being a little snug in my giant boobs, it was a much better fit. What the what? I’m actually confused. I know I’ve got some body image issues, but I’m pretty sure I know that being 242 pounds isn’t a Large, it should be an XL. So this leads me to believe that Old Navy has extended their sizes a bit. I’m not complaining, it feels really good to buy clothes without an X on the tag, its just a little strange. I’m happy about it, I remember that it wasn’t too long ago that I couldn’t squeeze into their XL and the XXL didn’t fit all the way either, so yay for me!

I do have some scale related news: the scale that I dropped and broke is actually usable. The digit that is gone is the number after the point, so I can actually weigh in with whole numbers. Although I love the ability to use 0.2 increments, this will have to do for a while…

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