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Is Taking Fish Oil or Eating Fish the Key to a Longer Life?

Posted Jan 21 2010 10:09am

Omega three oils which are found in fish are one of the more beneficial things you can eat in your diet the essential fatty oils in fish are very beneficial to our health. However, a study which revolved around fish oil and heart patients and their recovery has uncovered more substantial findings as regarding Omega three fish oil.

The researchers have said that they believe that now taking fish oil can prolong your life. As well as the other health benefits which we all know about.

What they have said is the fish oil expends the lifespan of ourselves, behaving like an antioxidant, antioxidants prematurely age our cells. This is the first study that has been conducted that proves that these particular oils prevent premature ageing.

The information came to light when heart patients were told to consume more fish, so they didn’t have heart attacks in the future. Based at the University ofCalifornia , San Francisco scientists observed the effect of Omega three oils and their effects on 608 outpatients whom had heart disease.

They found that the Omega three oils decreased the damage toDNA , which would normally occur, in something called telomeres these have tiny end caps on them, which become inflamed overtime. As you get older these tend to get shorter and shorter, which makes us prone to disease over time.

The scientists seem to think that this is one of the reasons why we get more diseases as we get older and is what actually shortens our overall lifespan. When they began the study, they actually measured the length of the telomeres after five years they had blood samples taken again and the scientists found that people consuming hardly any Omega three oils the shortening was still going on.

Compared to those who were taking larger amounts of Omega three oils their shortening was greatly reduced, a leading researcher has backed up his claims also saying that rodents given a mega three fatty acid enriched diet do, in fact, live longer. People in Britain still fail to eat two portions of food such as fish which contain the all important Omega three oils. So at least now I have an excuse to eat fish and chips twice a week.

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