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Is Subway Better Than McDonald's?

Posted by AregM

Writer's Answer
Subway have taken aim at McDonald's with their new "Fresh Fit" meals. The combo meals are compared side-by-side against a Big Mac meal. Subway's meal comes out at 265 calories, while the Big Mac meal hits a gluttonous 1230 calories. But there's more to it than that... Subway The Subway low-calorie edge is always based on no cheese and no condiments (e.g. mayo). But they don't ask you if you want cheese - they ask you "which kind of cheese?" And who orders a sub with no sauce? What exactly is in the chicken breast fillet? Sometimes it tastes more like a piece of tire rubber. Subway call it a "Boneless roasted chicken breast patty". Patty? That would indicate there is something else in there in addition to chicken meat. ....Continued on
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